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When is a reversion actually a reversion and not an entirely new order?


Offering unlimited revision is just click bait in my opinion. For a buyer to be able to exploit unlimited revisions by asking for revisions, it would technically mean that there was indeed a limit and thus the gig description is misleading and the gig is violating the terms.


Unlimited revisions would require there to be unlimited problems with an order. How could that be possible? A buyer could exploit a seller simply by continually asking for changes until the seller asks to cancel.


True, problems also have a limit just like the amount of revisions a seller is able to make good on.


Buyer finally agreed to place a new order. I was thinking of doing away with the option for revisions since asking for a revision would mean a full days work. Especially if it involves promo or explainer videos.


I was waiting for your answer since the specific service was similar to one that you offer. Finally the buyer agreed on placing a new order.


I don’t offer revisions and it has never been an issue. Of course, if I make a mistake or it is a reasonable request I still do it but it is my decision, not theirs. Find out what works for you.


That’s great news. That he agreed to a new order.

@eoinfinnegan Not offering revisions was no longer an option for me since I wanted to raise my prices.

I do offer a very specific number of revisions though, depending on the complexity of my gig and the info submitting process.

@phantompower When it does come down to that, you need to message your buyer and explain in a calm manner when what he asks is not a revision. Most of the time people only need an explanation since they may be unfamiliar with your service or how the video making process works.

If your buyer wants to take advantage of you, you will be able to tell once you initiate a conversation about revisions. And yes you will be better off with a cancellation at that point.

But if you choose to offer a 0-free-revision service it won’t pan out. Try offering at least 1 round and clarify what constitutes a revision for you.


See, this is the thing. If you offer revisions, then it could be either. The buyer will argue it’s a revision, the seller will argue it’s a new order.


Ah, but I don’t understand why you can’t just swap the blue car for the red car.


Finally the buyer has decided to give me a 3.3 star. I am not even going to dispute it.


That’s rough. I’m sorry :frowning:


Well that’s different.

IF I didn’t read your script as written, I would consider that my issue and re-do no charge. No self respecting VO artist would be charging you for their mistakes when they read something wrong.

That’s totally different from a script change, where you ask for a word to be changed, or a different URL, or you forgot to add something and ask for it to be added later.


Right on, I’m in the same boat. I offer zero revisions. If it’s my fault, I’m going to make it right. For longer term repeat buyers, I’ve made a few exceptions due to their repeat business. That’s a case-by-case business decision.

If you are a beginner, then more revisions might be needed as you’re learning your craft. At 50 or a 100 reviews (you decide the actual number) it’s time to re-consider your revisions policies. (LESS are needed the longer you’re around for most categories, especially on the cheap gigs.)