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When is a revision not a revision?

Never. All revision requests are valid, however big. They might not be fair or reasonable but that’s another story.

Dictionary definition: a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something

Synonyms: alternation, difference, modification, redoing, refashioning, remaking, remodelling, revamping, review, revise, change, reworking, variation.

Seriously, redoing? remaking? Yep.

If you offer revisions to your gigs you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of doing a lot of free work. I’m not saying don’t offer revisions, but do so with your eyes wide open. A buyer can ask for pretty much anything as a revision. I once had a buyer who asked for $20 worth of change on a $5 gig. By the definition of ‘revision’ he was within his rights – according to him.

I’m going to remove all revisions from all my gigs as I rework them and I’m putting my own ‘revision’ definition in the FAQs. I’m still going to fix bugs, and I don’t mind doing small tweaks one little bit, but I’m over doing complete reworks and having to compensate for a buyer’s poor or incomplete requirements or their subjective definition of ‘correct’.

I’ll fix my mistakes for free. I’ll fix their mistakes for a fee.


I shudder to imagine all those pesky sellers offering UNLIMITED revisions.

tsk tsk tsk.

Instead of now updating FAQs (only intelligent buyers read those), I would advise you to have a script prepared for your gig contract (for custom offers) or a stern statement for the REQUIREMENTS of each gig, followed by a statement in the terms of: “Please purchase this gig if you ACCEPT my Terms of Service”.

If you check out my GIG descriptions, I turned it upside down when I started getting random orders without consultation, I added some statements.
Now with that description pre-reqs in place, I have averted myself from getting random orders. As the buyer is none the wiser. I won’t mention what I have included in my Gig description here, but feel free to just check one out.

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I actually denote within my FAQ’s that my writing gigs are revisable up to 25% of the original content created. Anything more than that is considered a re-write and will be billed as such. Clients love, love, LOVE to come back with additional details they just happened to “forget” to mention when they placed the order!


I’d like to think that would work but I’ve tried instructions & limitations & what is and isn’t guaranteed/included in every which order I can think of. Buyers see the bits they want to see. I’m not sure how well a seller contract/ToS would stand up in a dispute. You might have to force an ‘I agree’ somewhere. I guess you could do that on question one of the requirements. ‘Read my ToS and confirm you agree’.

25%'s pretty generous. Do you build that in to your prices?

I do, for the most part. And it’s not a hard and fast rule I stick to, just more of a deterrent to keep buyers from asking for constant revisions and free work. I don’t mind fixing a problem if it was on my end, but when clients want to start throwing extra details at me after the delivery, I tell them that I have satisfied my end of the agreement and politely ask them to accept the order, unless they would like to order an additional gig for more content. Most just allow the three-day waiting period to expire.

Nice tips .Recently i realize it.Now i am going to remove all unlimited reversion from my gigs.

A synonym is not a definition of a word, synonyms are just words with the same or similar meaning.
An example
Synonyms for the word buy = steal, lets just skip the rest as i think i made my point already.

It comes with experience… yes I have given buyers a lot concepts in 5 bucks as revisions… basically they were new concepts not revisions…

You Could give it a shot, if it works then Hurrah! :slight_smile:

It purely based on yourself!

Sometime a buyer want $50 work for 5 and we have to do this elese he will left negative feedback which affect a lot on Fiverr(seriously).

Currently i offer Unlimited Revision but its only for limited times until i make a good client base .

Not all buyers are same sometimes buyer value our hardwork and reward us tip.

So don’t thow Unlimited Revision ubless you not ready work u untill your buyer satisfaction

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For those of us who record “on camera” a revision, regardless of how small, means an entire retake and complete loss. So, I state plainly that I don’t offer revisions, but Fiverr still allows Buyers to request them and I’m penalized if I don’t comply. If Fiverr doesn’t fix that flaw in my category, Sellers there will wither on the vine!

Yes, I have noticed that as well, I suppose the option to click “Ask for Revision” is enabled whether or not you offer a revision?

This has been interesting to read. Offering unlimited revisions just seems like it’s asking for trouble. I offer one revision, which I think is fair to the buyer in most cases, and gives me a chance to make tweaks that will better satisfy the buyer and possibly help prevent a negative review.

Of course, some buyers do try to take advantage of the revision and ask for more than they are entitled to. I think some just don’t understand what kinds of revisions are fair to request. I usually state that, “I’m happy to make minor changes to the work, but if you’d like me to do X, you’ll need to purchase an additional gig for X amount.”

Reading all of your experiences and suggestions has me considering removing the one revision, and noting in my gig description that I while I don’t offer revisions, I may provide minor modifications upon request.

I’m curious about this, too. I only offer one revision, and buyers have requested more than that, so I assume they can still ask for one even if none are offered.

I only give 1 revision include it in my orders, BUT! Fiverr allows the buyers to ask for them anyway…it is when I have to explain them WHY I only include one revision…AGAIN.

I agree it makes it more difficult when it’s up to the seller to manage revision requests. Refusal often offends even when it’s not intended to.

In response to a few of the folks here that asked about whether or not a client can ask for a revision whether you allow it in your gig; They indeed can, and it’s a serious flaw in the Fiverr platform. It’s up to you as a seller how you wish to proceed with these requests, but I’ll share a recent issue that I experienced.

I have a gig where I create brand name suggestions. Since the results can be subjective, I don’t offer revisions. A few weeks ago, a client purchased the names, didn’t like them and asked for a revision. I kindly re-delivered the same document I created without any additional work, explained to him that as per my gig description there are no revisions but I’d be happy to send him a custom offer for more names. He once again filed for a revision and stated some cockamamie reason as to why I should give him more names. At this point, I stopped contacting the customer and forwarded the issue to CS. They were excellent and had my back, and made sure that I got compensated for the order. CS said they explored the matter and that I had done everything that my gig promised (and then some!)

Can a client leave bad feedback if you don’t offer a revision? Yep. Can they cancel an order even though you’ve already put in the time and effort and keep you from getting paid? Oh yeah. There are buyers here that will try to exploit the system every way they can and try to eek out every stitch of free work that they can.

So until Fiverr decides to stop allowing clients to demand revisions on gigs that don’t allow it, you just have to CYA with wording in your gigs and FAQ’s that state such. And when that fails (as it will), you have to get CS involved.

As I said above, basically you need to overuse the “highlight” option and “bold” option on your gig description with “Disclaimers” “Disclaimers” “Disclaimers” “Disclaimers”!! :o

One thing I just realized is that creative content gig providers, such as Writers, Designers, etc. are the greatest effected by the “Revision” option.

As compared to more technical service oriented gig providers like fixing bugs or styling of your website etc. Our work is usually yes or no, But ya’lls are more personalized hence more options for asking for a revision. :confused: