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When is enough enough? Revisions

So I’ve been catching up on the forums and I see a few sellers saying that they don’t offer revisions. Once something is done if the buyer doesn’t like it they need to order a new gig. I get that if it’s something really objective and everything has been laid out in the order discussions. I put in my script writing gig that I’ll redo it until your satisfied ‘guaranteed’ I thought that was a good selling point. But I’ve been rethinking. Because I don’t want to be taken advantage of especially if it’s a $5 or $10 gig. I feel that when it comes to script writing what I think will work and what the client thinks will work sometimes can be 2 different things and there’s been back and forth a few times and I’ll do a rewrite because I want that 5 star review. I have yet to run in to a situation where I’ve been asked to revise more than say 2x. Maybe I should think about only offering a set number of revisions before I say ‘reorder’ it. Thoughts?

I offer some of the same guarantees on my profile and have experienced only a couple of times when the buyer has asked for revisions. When messaging them initially to set up a custom order i usually put something in there along the lines of “I will make any additional edits that are within our originally defined parameters” so we can keep the edits to the project at hand.

I hope this helps provide some perspective!