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When is enough, enough?


So i delivered a order to a buyer they liked it and agreed to it… A day later i get a message asking for me to make changes on it so I do with no problem and again they liked it… Then a day after that again they ask me to make another change on it plus do new text on it… When do you tell the person enough is enough and that they will need to make another gig purchase


lol yea, probably leave it as they’re asking for another request :wink:


I usually dont mind when people do that since they usually do it once, and after that they leave a tip for me, normally, but if someone keeps doing that like 3+ times, just tell them that you dont have time with your other orders, so if you want another change you will have to purpose another gig. Then put a :slight_smile: at the end of you message and say sorry. You wanna let them know, but not so IN YOUR FACE so they will probably never order from you again.


I agree with @madmoo now would be the time. Explain that adding things that weren’t in the original order would cost an extra gig to do so.


Reply to @madmoo: No they have not left any feedback yet. They said once i do this last request that they will leave me one


Reply to @madmoo: Peek a boo :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: So far so good :slight_smile: nice folks . But one can not hide its true nature forever, will pop up some day.

cnolasco said: just like real life, good folks bad folks.

The nice part is the Forum is like a virtual nirvana. Mostly all nice folk here, right?


I remind them of the gig page right at the first lapse. It helps to have a gig page that firmly says what you are offering for 5$. Mine says ‘its 5$ per tweak, more customization will cost extra’. So if the buyer asks for more, I point them to the gig page.


When you have completed the order and they make another request which will seriously affect you being to deliver other gigs… enough is enough…



I’ve got a 3-revision limit. I usually mention this the first time I deliver a video in the description. I’d probably go over if needed, but after about 3 times the buyer realizes I’m working like crazy for $4. Haha


It happens and more than anyone would like to.

I would suggest the customer to purchase the extra gig, because the reasons you described.

Depending on it`s reaction, if is bad bad, will suggest to cancel the order, if acceptable is a gain for you.

I do understand the value of money, but some people wants to take advantage of you, is just like real life, good folks bad folks.


I have had that before also, and I throw it back at them. I’d be happy to help you, but since the order hasn’t been closed yet I really can’t proceed until you close it with a positive review" something to that effect. If they say they will do it later, then just ignore that and respond with “Haven’t seen that positive feedback you promised”. Be nice but firm.


It’s probably long before you think it is. Why? Because rational people with typical levels of human empathy assume that if someone is asking they feel it due and thus maybe they’re right.

So, I submit to you, if you have to ask, it’s enough. Make that more than enough :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thank you :smiley:


Do you really want customers like that? You can always get funny with a buyer if you don’t want them as a customer any longer (since they can stress you out from all their redesign requests) and say “whadda ya want for only $5”. They won’t be asking you for extras after that :wink:


Reply to @hotwebideas: haha :slight_smile:


You can also say ‘Just because you found me on Fiverr does not mean that I can sell you a Ferrari for 5$’ :smiley: Yeah, that is the holy grail of customer satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @aweberr: Lol true dat!