When is "enough" too much? [It's getting really close.....]


I get almost zero work from this place, but I keep the account because it’s pretty easy to just let it ride and pop in to complete the rare order. As long as the email notifications actually arrive!

I never expected this place to run flawlessly, and after being here for a very short time, I stopped expecting it to run well. After the change to V2, I gave up on it even being OK. BUT, WITHOUT EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS BEING SENT WHEN A BUYER ORDERS, HOW CAN ANYONE MAKE MONEY - FIVERR INCLUDED?!?!?! Yeah, I know that there are a few people who have been here forever that have repeat customers and enough orders to validate spending a great deal of time on-site. I also know that there are millions of newbs lined up to try and make their fortunes selling crap as replacements for folks who have had enough of the BS. I also, also :slight_smile: know that I can go elsewhere if I don’t like it.

This is the ranting pot and I ranted. Have a wonderful day!


I had some responses lined up for your post, but your last sentence basically summed it up. Nothing’s perfect, so if you want it that bad, you’ll keep Fiverr up in a separate tab/window and keep refreshing it instead of waiting for an email notification.


Yep, that’s true. But honestly, I could find $3.92 per month in the street if I just look down while I’m walking my dog. :slight_smile:


It’s all about your gig. Some gigs make it. Some don’t - unfortunately. Not everyone’s gigs get loads of buyers - not just on fiverr, but anywhere. Sometimes gigs just do not go well, that’s not fiverr’s fault.

I’d try fiddling around with your gigs - try to attract more buyers. Also try having a look at your settings - and make sure you have the right email there.


You have very specialized gigs. Because of that, if you don’t feel the need to promote them yourself, then how can you expect to make anything really? No insult intended. But your gigs arn’t run of the mill. You need to target and corner your market. Again, it’s simply because you have unique gigs. Which is good if you can get the ball rolling.

It’s all about grouping the gigs so you can complete say… 10 in an hour. After looking over them, getting 10 done in an hour is possible. If you could simply get them. Then, Fiverr would be worth it for you. But, as we all know, nothing comes easy and busy. You need to climb the ladder, so to speak.

I do find it interesting that half your gigs are for nothing though. 2 ‘Leave me a tip’ gigs and the one gig: ‘I want to make a million bucks on Fiverr’. Which is a cool idea by the way, although I don’t see all that much coming out of it. People are greedy. LOL. But who knows.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I want to live where you live! All I see when I’m walking my dog is other dog’s crap after their owners don’t pick it up!


The interesting thing about promoting my gigs is that when I was spending hours a day (almost every day for two+ months) pushing on social media and ‘contenting’ up my site - the usual free stuff - I got fewer orders than just leaving things sit. I suppose the gigs eventually settled into a reasonable search position on-site.

I do get the notifications, just 1-3 days after an order is placed. If I wouldn’t have changed my turnaround times to five days awhile back, I’d have been in deep doo doo. I know Fiver can’t be responsible for email service reliability - they may well send it immediately and my email providers may well be backed up or having server issues, etc… I guess the only solution is to check in here more often.

Thanks for the input, guys. And good luck on your next walk @adnagam!


Now I’m not getting notifications on my dashboard until 24+ hours after the order! And it had to be a “rush extra” gig. I’m REALLY lucky I didn’t go late.


Thanks @kjblynx. Sometimes I get them right away too. It makes me crazy how inconsistent this place is!