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When is fiverr going to allow seller revenues direct to bank accounts?

fiverr is no longer the new kid on the block… so why is it still acting like a baby company by forcing sellers to choose between depositing revenue in either corrupt paypal or its (hilariously fee-eating) fiverr “credit” card?

there NEEDS TO BE AN OPTION TO TRANSFER REVENUES DIRECTLY TO A SELLER’S CHECKING ACCOUNT, like a legit business! come on fiverr, i love you to death, but these options are horribly antiquated, particularly since paypal is now raising fees as it separates from ebay.

paypal is the devil, fiverr corporate. please offer your successful sellers a more business-minded option: direct to checking!



It is probably too risky on their end. I do not think that many sellers would want to give out their bank account numbers to Fiverr. Especially when there is no instant customer support to call or anything like that.

but if you want to run it like a legit business in a way that works better for you personally, then you can create your own website and get your own merchant account with whatever company you like and they can deposit it directly to your bank account should you so desire.

Yeah if someone hacks Fiverr (as can happen with any corporation) all your bank details get sold to third parties and before you know it, you’re broke and your account closes. They can’t do much with PayPal details except take money from the linked bank account and try to buy stuff online - but then you would still need your card details.

Fiverr doesn’t “force” sellers to do anything. If you want to operate on a freelancing platform that deposits directly into your bank account, I’m sure you can find one.