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When is Fiverr support going to take steps to prevent buyer scams?

Recently I got an order and I sent an offer as per our discussion on chat. I was out when I sent the offer, which is why I had to send it from my phone app. As a result, I hadn’t noticed that I didn’t put a limit on the revision.

I finish the order and make the delivery, and the buyer says they didn’t receive the delivery. Over the next few days I sent the delivery to him through the delivery link, through the chat, through a google doc link, and even in an attachment to their email after they asked me to (they had sent me a google doc link in their initial requirement submission so I had their mail address). I couldn’t get the order completed because of my initial mistake of not having put a limit on the number of revisions and every time I made the delivery and closed the order, they would wait a fixed two days to reopen the order and delay the completion.

I had put a ticket with Fiverr CS ten days ago and have yet to receive any response on the matter. And yet, last night out of nowhere, I received an email saying that the Fiverr support team cancelled the order. There should have been absolutely no reason for that cancellation. I had worked on that project for hours without a break and now, not only have I lost the compensation for my work, my order completion rate has been affected as well.

If Fiverr doesn’t take steps to protect its sellers from such scams and one can simply claim to have not received a delivery in order to get their money back even the delivery was clearly made multiple times on the platform, how can we expect to have a good experience with Fiverr? I have not been active on the forums lately, but those who are would probably recognize me. I know we see lots of such requests on the forums and yet, Fiverr not only takes no steps to ensure security for the seller against this, but lately the customer support has been so unresponsive to issues that it makes me wonder if people on the management side are even trying to provide a good service anymore.


Yeah, same problem , if any body tell us kind suggestions regarding this