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When is it time to cut my losses? (Buyer question)


Hi, I am sort of new using Fiverr services. I purchased a gig 3 days ago with a turnaround time of 2 days. I have not received the work, nor have I heard from the seller. I don’t want to cancel. I want the work! It’s not my 5 bucks I need back, it’s the 3 days I wasted waiting. Is this normal? Any thoughts?

What I would like to find is a decent graphics person who I can build a working relationship with. Is that even possible in this format?

Thanks for your thoughts.



Reply to @jenzl1968: does he appear to be completing orders? i.e. looking at his positive feedback, had any in recent times?


No I did all that. The status now says that I can cancel, but I don’t really want to.


Give them a few more days. Be one of the nicer buyers who realises that most of the time Sellers do have things going on in their life which means they aren’t online! You could of course give them a little nudge by writing a note in your gig :slight_smile:


Thanks Ryan. I did write a note. Then I realized that I have never actually had any communication from him other than what I think is just an autoresponder letter right at the beginning. I have no problem waiting if something is actually happening, but there are no signs of life. ;(


Uh oh, now his gigs are gone, and ratings and everything. Anyone know a good designer to do a logo? :smiley:


Reply to @jenzl1968: I offer some design gigs :slight_smile:


Ugh. I tried to cancel, and he rejected it. But on the up side, he communicated with me! But does he mean, don’t cancel, I am almost done. or is he just being an ass? anyway. will contact you nifty :slight_smile: