When is the Right time to Increase Your Rates?


Hello Sellers! Although I joined Fiverr in 2015 But I got my first Order in January 2017 and Thats when things started Rolling for me. So technically I have been a Seller on Fiverr for about 10 Months now. Honestly I am making a Decent Amount here and can not complain. But Just out of curiosity When is the right time to increase my Rates. Currently I have Standard Package of $10 in my 15 gigs.

As a seller what can you suggest me. How and When should i increase my rates and how much should i increase without sounding greedy?



If you think the money charged by you for your services is appropriate and you are already making sales, I would not recommend changing it.


If you know money to pay for your gig meets the r standard of the service you provide then no need increasing it


Why not look for average selling price in the same category sellers have been offering and then decide accordingly.


I raised my rates (slightly) when I started to have trouble keeping up with delivering all my orders in time. When the demand started to exceed the supply (of my time/capacity), the price went up.


I only raised my prices because my quality got better. I make Music and videos and invested in high quality studio equipment and thought that was the right time to raise them. only raise your prices if what you are providing is high quality.


When I became a Level 2 Seller, I slightly increased the amount I charge for Podcast editing, it has its disadvantages tho.


good for you …happy sells


You can raise them anytime you want and see if you get orders. Sometimes I don’t understand buyers, you can have a low price and they don’t order, you can have a medium or high price, and they don’t order. What do they want? What do they need? Why is one competitor always in the top row while your gig is rarely if ever there?


When you got double of your sales from previous month


when you know a buyer have cash on his/her pocket


Totally agree with your thought