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When is this thing going to be fixed?

It’s the search thingy that lets you quickly see inbox messages with buyers. For the past few weeks, it appears to have been borked.


While I am capable of navigating to the inbox and ctrl+f’ing whoever I need to find, it’s a little bit tedious and I would like it back. Plz Fiverr. Fix what’s broken then come up with innovations!

This is more of a moan, but maybe someone has a quicker way to find messages in the meantime?

I kind of wish I’d made the box covering up the $ bigger now, just to insinuate that I only get huge orders. Oh well.

THANK YOU for mentioning this! I find myself spending hours now looking for a particular buyer’s previous purchases amongst the thousands of them until I am going blind.
You get people paying $100 just for rush service so I’m impressed with that. And 10 words for $5 too. I wonder which of us makes more. It’s nice to finally see someone else who knows her worth.

I don’t think I’ve needed to use it to find prior transactions (my blood just ran cold!)… although I think you can go to the manage sales tab then click the completed gigs then type in the user name and that works?

$5 for 10 words gets you a lot of grief from roaming morons. That said, I’m getting a whole bunch of $5 orders on my other gigs (which are more in line with regular offers). I’m thinking I’ll pop them all up to $10 and see what happens.

And I’m not being paid enough. Both these guys (I had two extra fasts in the past 24hrs, a first for me!) are going to make tens of thousands off my copy. But this is Fiverr. <sigh>. Still though, don’t have to hustle.

ooo you can raise your basic price? Lucky!

That doesn’t work either. When I type in the clients user name in the manage sales tab it shows me “due to technical issues” …

Pretty annoying! Hope it will get fixed soon. This morning I had a client who was asking for the same style I previously delivered and I had to go all the way back to Aug. 2015 to find his order.
Thank you for opening this thread let’s hope it will get fixed soon.

Yep, it’s broken there too. I use ctrl+f, but if your sales are way back when, it’s deadly tedious…

I can’t raise my basic price, but in packages you can set $5 or anything really. I saw someone somewhere else on the forum moaning because a graphic designer had a basic (package) price of $150.


Hopefully we can raise basic prices without using packages.