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When LOL and Words Fail

I have had a few buyers recently, who have made a habit of asking for revisions on orders over 1-year after their original delivery. Of course, they do not need ‘revisions.’ they want an original order revamping to meet a new set of criteria. - They just don’t want to pay.

In the most recent case, I had a buyer who I created a $65 video for in January 2018, ask me to revise their order. Trying to get actual revision details was a nightmare. Then it turned out that their initial idea of a ‘revision’ was one of adding 1,600-words of extra typography to a video. - That is not possible (at least in a 1-minute video) and well beyond the scope of a revision.

I tried to be reasonable and spent what in hindsight, was far too long explaining how their video script was not a script and was far too long. They responded by sending an edited version. However, this too was too long and would essentially involve creating a new video.

In this case, I invited the buyer to place a $40 basic order for a new video. I explained that I would create several new scenes to reflect the new information being provided, and edit these into their existing video.

Sadly, my buyer considered this too expensive. They, therefore, returned with a new edited script which to be honest, would require the same amount of work. However, just to get this out of the way, I sent a custom offer for $24. This was more than reasonable.

Fast forward to today and this buyer has decided to try a new tactic. Namely one of stating that their original delivery was flawed and, therefore, needs modifying FOC.


Then they send me screen grabs of not grammar errors, but text they would simply like changing.

At this point, I am more than bemused by someone asking for spelling and grammar edits by saying "there were several grammar errors an the part the says…" -

However, I am also incredibly offended that anyone can try and be so manipulative, for the sake of saving $24. In this case, I’ve explained that I can’t help and blocked this buyer. I should also point out that negotiation has been ongoing now for 3-weeks. - i.e. I’ve wasted more time trying to help this buyer than can be reasonably justified.

On my part, I get upset when anyone tries to get me to work for free. However, in this case, I’m also shocked by how anyone thinks that it is okay to behave this way when trying to market their own business. The order in question concerns a private school! Is $24 to update a 1-minute video created 18-months ago, really an unreasonable expense?


Just wow.

The temptation “to just get things out of the way” is real but it works so rarely that it’s probably not worth the (even more!) additional time spent. Reasonable just doesn’t resonate with some people.


I think sellers need learning psychology to know how to operate with those kinds of buyers :thinking:

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Reasonable for whom? Certainly not you.

I would have blocked the Buyer immediately after discovering that she/he wanted a revision to the effect of 1,600 additional words… for an order that was completed 18 months ago. Madness!


Wow what a brain drain. I thought only my first experience was bad. You were reasonable but the buyer was trying to trick you. Can an old buyer claim revision or changes for free? Is this allowed here on fiverr?

Ouch! That must have been rough. I’m sorry that you had to deal with such an immoral buyer. A lesson learned, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Well-put! :smiley:

You will be surprised by the things buyers are allowed/can sometimes get away with on Fiverr. :roll_eyes: But I would like to believe that Fiverr is getting better at it. :slight_smile:


Theoretically, yes. However, this order as for a gig which I offer 0 free revisions on. Also, every time a buyer has ever returned after more than a week asking for a ‘revision,’ it is because their brief has changed. - i.e. Not because they actually want a revision.

I usually only get this on my video gigs. There seems to be an idea that if you order a video or something design related on Fiverr, you are entitled to lifetime / ongoing support. However, that may just be budget buyers.

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Same here, someone decided they wanted someone different to fall in love with them a month later so they thought I should recast the spell on the new person they liked, as a revision.


The LOL is strong in this one though. :smile:




And the month after that there would be yet another person they wanted to fall in love with them, I suppose. :rofl:


I feel your pain. Old buyers have messaged me requesting updates on content I had delivered months earlier. Some try to be sneaky, but occasionally someone just states, “This isn’t relevant anymore.” I always invite them to reorder new content and then move on. It’s nuts that someone thinks we owe them continuous updates on time-sensitive material.

Haven’t we all been there though? No? Just me? K den.


I had one the other day, came back after nearly 2 years asking for another assessment as to why his website has dropped.
I never did SEO for him, just advised on what the bad SEO he needed to correct was at the time. He did most of what I said which was fairly major work and things went well, then went back to spammy links and keyword stuffing.
Couldn’t understand why it had happened again but I could almost send him the exact same report/advice as last time. He wasn’t into paying either though so I wished him luck.