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When messaging a seller, get to the point!

My biggest tip for buyers is that when you are messaging a seller, be prepared and already have all of your questions ready. About HALF of all the messages I get are a few paragraphs of the buyer telling me about themselves and asking if I’d be willing to work with them. More than likely, I will be able to identify if we can work together once you actually send me something!

For example, I do vocal recording on EDM projects. Here is a common message I might receive.

"Hi my name is ____, but I go by DJ ______. I do this and this in many clubs in the Philippines and I’m looking for a singer to sing on my track. I don’t know if you will want to do it because I know you’re very busy, but I know lots of famous people and really think I can make my track a hit! What do you think?"

What the message SHOULD say is;

"Hi, I have attached my track that I’d like vocals on. I want it to sound like _____ and I would like a video to go with it. How much do you charge? Also, I’d like to know what format you send the songs in?"

This goes for all kinds of gigs. I know that you want the seller to know where you are coming from, but I can guarantee it does not change the final result of the product you will receive. If the seller is a good seller, they will work equally as hard on all projects, whether it be for personal use or if you work for Apple. Haha.

Sometimes buyers want to see if our communication with them are good or not. In my experience, many buyers will do the same thing as you say… And some of them don’t even order with me because I don’t provide the service they need. But all of them thanked me for being polite and patient. I always do free consultation to my customers or potential customers even though in the end they didn’t order the gig. It’s for the long run…

That’s true, I’ve had buyers give me a 50-page PDF with their eBooks. However, I rarely complain, if I understand what they want, I just do it.

On the other hand, there are sellers that are too anal and want you to answers questions 1-7 before they take an order. So even if your order is: “I need a t-shirt of Spartacus killing a Roman, in black”. You still have to go through their list.

Suggestion you make all of our buyers blurry, we do not know how to speak, but we are honest seller