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When Modifications are Requested Does the 3 Days Start Over?

When you deliver an order and a modification is requested, once you deliver that modification will you have to wait another 3 days?

I just had an order that was about to be marked complete, probably within an hour or so and the buyer requested a modification. I just redelivered and am wondering when it will be marked as complete? Soon or in another 3 or so days? It had already been 74 hours and 15 minutes so I’m guessing it would have been marked complete soon if she hadn’t requested a modification.

If anyone could let me know that would be great!!

All orders are completed 3 days after the last delivery–which includes modification deliveries. So yeah, the clock starts ticking again.

Alright thanks, that’s what I figured but just wanted to double check since it had already been 3 days since the original delivery.