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When my pro gig proved?

it has been almost a month and my pro gig request have not yet proved (no update from fiverr)

You mean to say “approved” :wink:

You need to have patience - I think patience is one of the Fiverr Tests :wink:

You’ll receive an email from them when they think you’re ready or if you’re not ready for PRO :wink:

P.S. and note that not all categories are eligible for PRO right now, only a few of them. I think Programming and Digital Marketing don’t have PROs yet.

Same here i am neither rejected nor selected, I assume they’d be busy taking up with so many applications

Also, please keep in mind, Fiverr Pro is an extremely competitive application process. Fiverr want’s all-around, proven, top-quality sellers for the program. They have even stated (in Fiverrcast season two, episode 2) that they won’t be accepting everyone into the program. You need to have a significant freelance resume just to to get in.

The odds are strong that you may not be accepted into Fiverr Pro. The program is accepting – according to Fiverr’s commentary – the best of the best. If you make the cut, great! If not, you can still continue to be a rookie seller.

Keep working hard and you’ll earn Level 1 and then Level 2. You don’t need Fiverr Pro status in order to be a great seller. :wink:

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