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When new seller join

Hi concerns-when new seller join surely buyer not give to order directly.
i think buyer always look who is good reveiws earning.
can you please clarify for new seller which is the best policy.

many thanks for your rapid reply.
all best./


I first looked at joining Fiverr in 2020. However, the market was simply too saturated with old time sellers. In this case, I traveled back in time to 2014 and opened my account then.

Of course, that isn’t true. - Or is it? :thinking:

In either case, all you can do is try and be good at something and start experimenting with creating gigs. There is a search bar on the forum which you can use to find answers to similar questions like yours which get posted every day. There is also a cool site called where over time, you can learn everything you could ever want to know about marketing yourself as a freelancer.


noted with thanks.we should try to start

No, some choose new sellers.

Offer a service that someone needs and is willing to pay for it, be great at what you do, and write good gig description (good images also help, especially if you’re a designer of any kind, just remember to only use images you have the right to use).

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