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When next milestone will run in a Milestone order?

I’m processing an order which set 3 milestones. I’ve just delivered my work on the first milestone, and ready for the next milestone. But I don’t see it in progress.
Do we need our client to accept it? My client is not online regularly.


You’ve done goofed. Milestone orders are a terrible system, don’t make that mistake again. Split an order into smaller separate orders, if you must, but never use the milestone system.


Hi @visualstudios, thanks for your suggestion. But can you describe more details how terrible it is? That would be helpful in this forum and for me.

I only used it once. If I remember correctly the seller does not get paid until all of the milestones have been delivered. It is, as @visualstudios said, better to split the order into 3 orders and get paid as you deliver.


Lots of factors.

  1. Client can request revisions at any step, which means 3 rounds of revisions instead of one
  2. You only get the money at the end, which means that any delay at any point means you won’t get paid forever

Hi @vickiespencer.
Oh sure, stupid me. I got it, thanks for sharing. Never Twice happens.
I was thinking, I should ask the forum before doing it.
Thank you thank you

This may be helpful to you:

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Yeah, now I knew it. Such a terrible process for seller. Thank you so so much for letting me know.

Hi @lloydsolutions. Thanks for sharing.
One thing I realized that I remember I already read this and watch this.
But somehow I forget it.
Thank you

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