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When no revision is left, client asks for cancellation

I am a logo designer here, I was providing unlimited revisions before and I had no issues. but now I charge customers for the revisions, when they have no revisions left, they ask for a cancellation, they don’t want to buy revisions.

If I don’t cancel the works, I will definitely get a bad review while all my works are unique and I spent hours on them.

Usually, logo design requires multiple revisions, no matter how good your logo is, the customers always need revisions.

Have you had any experience? How do you deal with these situations?


I also do logo design. I have unlimited revisions because buyers usually just want small things changed a lot. I think you should just give her the revisions she wants and apologize for the inconvenience on your behalf. Try and be nice to get a 5 star review.

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Then I can assure you, you are doing something wrong.
The clients dream when you nail their logo from the first time. If ALL of them ask fo many revisions and ALL of them ask to cancel them there is something wrong with your quality or you didn’t understand their request or you didn’t ask enough questions to gain better understanding before starting your work.

I have only 2 revisions included and I can tell you for a fact it’s very rare when my clients even use a second revision.


I recently…very recently had a client on a complicated video project, ask for a 3rd revision (only 2 were provided and accepted with the offer). They requested 4 cancelations after I refused to revise a video for free. I never accepted the cancellations. The project auto completed and the client left a 1-star review. My thought…oh well. Key point: I got my fee and moved on to the next 5 star review on the same day.
I refuse to work for free and, unfortunately, there will always be buyers that try to manipulate the revision system. My reviews are over 99% positive. I choose not to focus on the 1 out of 100 or so products that can not be salvaged. Unlimited reviews are a mistake in my opinion. It’s potentially the project that never ends. Despite striving to deliver 5-star projects every time, there will ALWAYS be a bad one. Work long enough…work on enough projects and you’ll find that you’ll never have a 100% perfect rating. The call to keep providing revisions past the agreed upon amount is yours to make. Above all other things this is a pay for services platform. Working for free or at a diminishing rate is never the answer. Again, just my opinion.


Thank you Maria for your comment, I did not mean all of them, most of my customers approve the design right away or ask for one or two revisions maximum.
I have other gigs related to video, I barely get a revision request, they approve the delivery right away.
I have designed and produced different things on Fiverr, I only face this issue with the logo designs.

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Thank you Markus for sharing your experience. It is not just about asking for extra revisions, some buyers ask for extra works and blackmail you indirectly to leave a bad review If I don’t do the extra work. It happened to me more than one time.

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I was providing unlimited revisions before, but sometimes buyers take advantage of it, lately a customer asked me to change the font more than 10 times.

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I have had that experience as well.

Thank you for your comment