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When people just won't listen


I’m working trying to get everything done in a timely manner and I see my inbox go off. I rush to get to the message, and … it’s a seller who keeps spamming me, another seller. I’ve reported him twice for spam but he keeps on.

Sigh. People. It’s why I’m an introvert.


I get messages like this a couple times a week.

“do you has buyer to send in my gig?”
"dont you has work for my?
“i Can do ur work !! i doit low priced.”

I don’t outsource, and who would outsource writing and editing to a person who clearly doesn’t speak English anyway? :yum:


Oh my goodness!!

I am so utterly overjoyed there isn’t a contact me button on my profile. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of request I’d get, simply due to my participation on the forum.



Probably enough to make you leave Fiverr.


“boss any problem?” - that just made my day ahahahahaha!


I’m lucky to save 10 minutes everyday to respond and explain the various tricks on how to become a millionaire on Fiverr.

(sarcasm alert :slight_smile: )


I just kept telling him to stop messaging and he kept on and on.
Get the picture, dude. Like I’m suddenly after days of back to back to back messages and spam reports going to say “yes! yes! YES!”


Luckily the reply time only counts with the first message of the conversation.

If you’re in your inbox and there’s not a clock icon on the conversation, don’t bother responding to him anymore :slight_smile:


If it were me, I’d respond to every message - you know why? Because I tried not responding and some (just a few though) of those users ordered my gig just to make sure I’m receiving their messages and force me into responding…


I would certainly respond to potential buyers, but since this guy wants work I don’t think he’ll place an order.

Too bad the “report spam” button doesn’t do anything :confused:


What do you mean? Reporting via inbox now gives you a few options, including “report and let the user contact you”, and “report and block the user from contacting you”, the latter being what you need, right? or doesn’t that work either? If you choose the “spam” report option, it will allow you to block the user permanently.


How do you know that?


It’s been confirmed several times by CS, and I noticed that only the first counts, too.


It only counts when there is a clock icon showing on the conversation. At least that is my understanding :slight_smile:


I had no idea they changed it. I gave up using it because I used to report users and then I would keep getting messages. Thank you for sharing! :smile:


Wait, don’t hurry yet… does the clock icon show up on other new but subsequent messages besides the first one, as well? Because if that’s the case, I think they changed it again and every message would count…

[edit: nah, I don’t think the clock icon counts if it’s not the first message… just realized how many buyers give me a “thanks again” and I don’t reply to all of them, and my response rate didn’t change :wink: ]


I’m sitting over here smh reading the screenshots.

Household/moving service on Fiverr? Brilliant! :smile:


So many times :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


but whay boss? (20 characters)


It’s supposed to make you feel better about yourself, they acknowledge you’re the boss, you are in full control ahahaha!!