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When posting to social media, remove 'for $5' on occasion

For everyone posting and sharing their gigs to their social media accounts, it’s nice to show potential buyers looking for a super deal to keep the recommended ‘for $5’ on your post. Think about changing this often though, especially if you have great extras to offer.

Don’t limit yourself and your market. There are people out there who see something for $5 and pass it up because they think it’s cheap and not worth looking at. Leave the price out of the conversation and/or ad and let your offer determine the rest. Incomes fluctuate throughout the world, and so does the concept of money. To some, $5 is everything…and to others, $100 is nothing. Don’t set your value so low and get what you feel you are worth.

Get that money!

DTong (TRS)

That’s indeed a nice tip.

nice tip