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When rating is too low?

When YOU look through sellers to order a gig, is 78% too low? what about 98%? 88%? when is too low for you? How low does it have to go for you to go to another seller?

I ordered a couple of logos about 2 months ago and I passed on anyone with less than 95% and/or a bunch of recent negative reviews.

I buy aLOT on eBay, so I pretty much know my limits from bad experiences there.

Honestly, it depends on why they have that number. It definitely puts me off however if those reviews are because of late delivery and they offer a brilliant product I may very well purchase from them.

But I think 90% upwards would work for me!

:bulb: Joe

There was another post about this recently. It may answer your question.

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I am making conversation.

Thank you for the useful link @capitalquality! :grinning:

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Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were interested in the topic you posted and so you might be interested in a recent conversation that posed the same question. Sorry I got that wrong. My bad.

I’ll read the link when I finish packing my luggage.