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When Reviews DIffer

About a week ago, I had a buyer come to me asking if I could help him with an article on the rewrite gig. While talking to him, I realized he needed a research article, not a rewrite. When I let him know that writing research was no easy feat, he said he would offer to give me material to write from.

He ordered but provided nothing. When questioned, he did provide something eventually. However, everything he wanted in the messages was not the same as what he provided in the source material. Therefore, against my better judgment, I did a research article (he informed me he hired several writers to see who would best meet his needs going forward).

Now, I did an article based on the messages via the inbox, forgoing what he provided. At one point, it felt as if he was rushing me, letting me know that he could hire me for another job if I was too busy. Granted, this was only two days in out of 10-day timeframe. I informed him I had the ability to do it, but I was permitted to such time to get it done in.

After that, he told me to relax and he was in no hurry.

Now, here’s what I find funny. He accepted the order 2 days ago and left a review. I debated about leaving a review for him. Should I give him all five stars even though he made me feel the way he did? What kind of review did he give me? Did he dock me for taking seven to eight days to get the article back (mind you, I also have a job that I am working both remotely and at the site, while also taking care of five males, three animals, myself, the house and everything else.

I decided to go with my instinct and rate him as I felt about the order. I give him 3 stars, detailing everything I felt I could in the short box. In the end, I said it could have gone better for both of us if there was some clear communication. I hit the post button and awaited to see his review.

I was expecting a 3 or 4 to be honest. So, imagine my shock when it’s actually a 5-star rating.

Well, at least I was honest, Maybe he can use that information to improve his own communication with sellers going forward.


What you experienced, giving him 3 stars, only to find he gave you 5 stars, is a horror to me so for that reason alone I won’t give less than 5.

Some people genuinely do not realize they are being difficult. They aren’t being necessarily bad on purpose. They just don’t do well at dealing with others in a businesslike way. They are sort of oblivious to what they are doing to others, insensitive.


To be honest in situations like this I might just not leave any review and just wait for their review to appear on my profile in 10 days.


I did debate that, which was why I hadn’t posted anything for two days.

I was thinking long and hard about what I could put, if I should even be honest. In the end, I went with honesty as being the best policy. The article might have been good for him, which he said is. And, for me, I thought what I gave him was awesome. He just made it harder to provide that sense of awesomeness! More pressure, ya know?

He was a bit difficult to work with…not very clear on what he wanted, changing his mind from one thing to the next to the next. To me, the communication aspect was off, and perhaps with the review, he might learn how to convey his thoughts better. I don’t know.

If he doesn’t come back, that’s fine. I mean $15 for a 600+ word research article is getting off cheap, especially since it was supposed to be a rewrite in the first place.


He got one heck of a bargain from you!

I found it hard to verbalize exactly what I wanted on my last purchase which was some artwork. I was surprised it was so hard to get it across as I thought I was pretty good at being descriptive, but the problem was I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I just knew I needed it.

It was a struggle for me and the artist with me adding and removing ideas on a daily basis after she began. My point is that it can be very hard when you need some kind of creativity done but can’t give a definite enough idea of it.

That depends on the patience and knowledge of the seller as you came through for him beautifully.

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I have a code if anyone should see my name on a buyer profile.

A pleasure: Genuinely a pleasure to work with
Always a pleasure: A repeat client who is always a pleasure
Thanks: Not great, try avoid in future

All of the above are given with 5 stars

Anything less than that, avoid like the plague - even if 4 stars, it would mean I was uncertain how they would rate me but wasn’t overly happy with them

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Maybe my review had something more sinister behind it??? :smiley:

One of the people he hired gave him four stars, so I don’t feel so overly bad about the three stars with the description of why I felt the way I did. Kinda like you Eoin, he gave him four stars with a thanks like message.

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When a seller gives anything other than 5 stars, you can count the reduction as double or triple. A 4 star review is likely a 3 star experience, etc.

That’s what review I got as a buyer and I figured that’s what it meant.

Sorry, but you were problematic.

(Joke: We never had a transaction although I am sure MissCrystal is lovely to deal with whether buying or selling)


Wait, we can do that? Can we still leave a reply afterwards?

No of course not :slight_smile: I’m just leaving my part without a review if that’s the situation where leaving bad review for a buyer wouldn’t make a difference and leaving good review will be unfair

I have enjoyed the two 1 star buyer reviews I’ve seen that didn’t hold anything back. I saw one had left 5 stars for the seller too, a really nice review. Then I didn’t know quite what to think. Maybe the seller was on ogre.