When seller marks it delivered when not delivered - for time extension?


So I had my first bad gig order. I ordered a video gig, seller said she communicates well with buyers and so forth. I get a note that it’s coming. there is a delay due to her computer having issues, I am flexible, technically speaking it is not my problem if a seller’s computer/camera/whatever else does not work, pause the gig and fix things.

I get a notification saying the gig is delivered, I go see and it is a message from seller that it is going to be delivered today and a smiley. it was like 8am and I read the message at noon. I decided to contact customer support (CS) and complain. to summarize: I got credit and ordered a gig from someone else and it was awesome actually delivered gig.

I am the type that if you do something good, I will order the something from you again when I need a new one. If lets say I ordered a twitter header from you and you did a good job, next time I will order from you.

Gig got cancelled from fake delivered seller. I got e-mail from Fiverr CS that they are investigating and for privacy rules, I won’t know what they did.

I think there should be a way to add a rating an warning to the profile of this seller (and other sellers) when things like this happen.

No you did not communicate with me like you said in the video, the only reason you communicated is because you were trying to delay things and you tricked me.

I don’t care if your computer, laptop or phone stopped working, or your dog died. I am sorry but not my problem.

I am extremely flexible on things. I have other around 15 gigs that were ordered and went well, in fact most of them got delivered earlier than expected (gig said let’s say 7 days, 5 or 6 days it was delivered instead of 7).

Seller didn’t even offer to cancel the order, I would of gotten the credit for that gig.

This happened in the end of 2016.

For future references, isn’t there a way for me to write a review (obviously not 5 stars or close to it) in situations like this when gig gets cancelled by Fiverr CS?


This practice is a direct violation of Fiverr’s terms. If a seller wishes to extend the delivery of an order, they can do that via the “resolution center” without marking it as delivered.

If this happens again, simply report it to customer services again. If this is a common practice by the seller, their account may be suspended or revoked.


wow, that was a fast reply, 1m. fastest reply ever anywhere on the internet, thank you.

Whats the difference between suspended and revoked?

I think situations like this should warrant an “entry” on your “permanent” record. If Fiverr CS, AS WONDERFUL AS THEY ARE, just cancels the order. Most likely it won’t show on their record for the seller and people should know about things like this before they buy from a seller. Yes I know most people on fiverr are awesome.


A suspension can be seen as a removal of certain privileges - such as seller level. Revoked is a complete removal of the account and access to it.

CS can add “entries onto a permanent record” via an official account warning. This stays on your account (for CS to see) and multiple violations can lead to revoked access.


Hi hi!

Sellers don’t have the ability to ‘pause’ Gigs orders––once the Buyer has responded to the Order Requirements the timer starts. However, Buyers do have the ability to send you (the Buyer) an extension request which you can accept or deny. They should have spoke with you and requested this so they had time needed to complete the order.

Trust me, stuff happens so it’s nice when you have an understandable Buyer! Sometimes people forget that we are also human beings with jobs, families, etc. and have unexpected hiccups that are out of control. A few times a year due to bad weather I lose power and with that goes internet. I try to date people when I can through my phone, but I am basically stuck till the power or cable company comes out to do a repair.

Yesterday I got a nail in my car tire on the way home and almost got stranded––I sat at the tire store for over 3 hours without any service to get online and contact Buyer about the delay. It sucks, but stuff happens that is out of people’s control sometimes. Just know that a good Seller will do everything they can at the moment to make things right or to get the order completed as soon as are able. The ‘extension’ option is there for personal/technical reasons, which is a great feature Fiverr added. Before the only options were to cancel the order, let it run late, or people would misuse the delivery feature like you mentioned.

In regards to “delivering” work without it actually being delivered, this isn’t okay and is against Fiverr’s TOS. There is even a pop up if you don’t upload work that states this by Fiverr. In this case, simply reject the delivery and let the Buyer know that they will need to deliver the order when the work is actually completed.

If they deliver it again without anything in it despite your comments, report them and the order to CS with screenshots. Some people (despite the pop up) don’t read or don’t know––and CS needs to step in and get in contact with the Seller in regards to the order issues, etc.


Just wanted to add this to the thread.

A proper seller should communicate with you several hours before the order is due if they are most likely going to be late. If you can see that they have mostly good reviews and very little to no late order reviews then I would give them some slack. Its certainly ok to ask for an approx time of delivery.

If a seller delivers just to stop the order from going late and has typed you a message telling you that there is a delay , its most likely because they didnt want the “late order” to hurt their gig rankings. This is not necessarily a bad thing if they communicated with you that there will be a delay…

Its ok, as far as I know , to send a partial delivery via fiverr’s TOS last I checked. Sellers should try to do this if possible.

The only other choice they would have in that situation would be to send a timer extension request to the order. BUT , if the buyer (you) doesnt answer that request… the order goes “late” anyway , and I believe it hurts their gig… So it’s safer for a seller to send something just to stop that from happening. But they should do a really good job communicating that to you as a buyer… I always explain what I said in this thread when I need to do something like this. Its maybe been an issue once out of 300 orders or so. I can live with that. Again , as a buyer , try to judge this fairly. It’s really detrimental to a gig , and every once in a while should be forgivable. Just try to keep that in mind.

Happy Shopping


you can pause your gigs / vacation mode. That is what I meant


It doesn’t stop active orders.


Yes, exactly why it needs to be mentioned!


then as a seller you do the mutual cancellation. if your equipment is not working.


If something like that happened to me, I’d explain what’s going on, ask whether it’s acceptable to extend the delivery time, or whether you’d prefer to cancel.

I said that it’s not possible to pause active orders because someone inexperienced might think, from the way you worded it, that it is, and then expect the seller to do the impossible.