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When seller screws up


So I got a video gig and sort of forgot to tell seller how to pronounce my name correctly and a 3 non-english words correctly. As I see the delivered gig, then download and beep the 3 swear words (not really swear words but sort of swear words). I seriously love it that he screwed up. Partially my fault obviously.
Way better video with the not so perfect pronunciations.


So are you gonna accept the delivery or ask for revisions?


Not if the seller mentioned that the pronunciations are buyers responsibility.
This seems similar to what happened with Pewdiepie. Lol


I didn’t ask for revisions, I accepted the order and rated him a 5 star review.

As I played the video over and over, I realized that the “imperfections” make the video better than if it was “Perfect”. :grin:


Did he pronounce it “Jack Spedicy?”


Maybe “Jack’s non-spicey”… :rolling_eyes: