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When sellers act as buyer

I want to buy a promotional video. So, i add a request for it. None of the seller mentioned about my need. Every one talking about their experience, service. I am totally confused. As a buyer how should i choose one.


This are exactly the sellers who post “How to mek sell” posts all the time, where they tell that they send offers to BR and never get an order.

Your experience is a prime example why nobody orders from them. The reason is that they only think of themselves and the money they wanna get, instead of offering valuable services first. Part of a valuable service is to listen to a buyers need and have a close look how they can address the buyers individual need.
They just don’t have it :wink:


BR is a Hit or Miss. :space_invader:

Try searching for a seller manually via


Well, those are sellers for you. They won’t Read your description, but instead bang into posting about their experience using auto responders. The best thing to do I a situation like that is to manually search for a potential sellers, who you feel can do the project well.
It can either be a TRS, Level 2 seller, a Level 1 seller, or a New seller. Ranking does not determine experience.

Even, I will say that some new sellers will deliver the best, because they are new and are searching for customers.

I wish you could find something important from my post.

Miss. Completely ruined my mind. Yahhhhhhhhh!!!

Fiverr should banned those sellers Or should their criteria to post five videos, design or any other things. If fiverr will approve it then only you can request a job. Like a test series.

Why sellers do not understand by posting in buyer request only sellers will see it not the buyers. So from where they will get job. “NEED WORK HIER ME”. Mad for money.

This is true, hence this thread. :anchor: A never-ending battle!


Added a new gig with new design. Check it. Hope you like it as previous one.