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When sellers are innocent!


Well, we all know about terms of services.
And maybe people like me even memories ToS like they will get 100% marks on any ToS related exam.
But If they meet buyers who aren’t capable of realizing this simple fact, that “sharing personal information is against ToS”, or maybe they don’t want to understand these facts and tells “forget it” what will happen to the sellers? I think some new seller will do it to sell his/her gig.

that means, not only the sellers but also the buyers should respect TOS to avoid violation

Another question is, If those buyers block the sellers and report them from the inbox, what will happen to sellers profile? Getting a report may harm your reputation or it can be worse like " ineligible to level up (like me)"

NB: I lost a job opportunity in front of my very own eyes and get a report too :stuck_out_tongue::tada::rofl:


Permissions can be taken from Customer Support regarding this type of cases. If live chat is really required for job completion, they do give permissions…


I see, learning new information every day. Thank you…:slight_smile:


A buyer demanding to get your Skype is not a job opportunity. It is a violator of fiverr’s rules and should immediately be ignored.

You can tell by how he put it also. It was rude. This is not a serious buyer.


That was a fun experience. I’m thinking to open a Fiverr school in the real world… :laughing::laughing::laughing: