When sellers don't read the requirements


I have a gig running for a WordPress template. I know pretty much exactly what I want, and I have provided a detailed brief with the request I posted. People respond to it and I’ve been working with someone who said he spoke English. But alas, communications was impossible. I reposted the job. And hired someone. And he did a crap job. Only one of the 14 requirements was actually implemented.

I’ve told him this in a revision request.
But now I am wondering: what if after the revision the work is still worthless to me?


Since only one requirement was fulfilled maybe you should ask 13 more reversions so that all requirements are fulfilled or you could ask for a refund.


Is there not a maximum number of revisions hardcoded?

Obviously, I prefer the job to be finished, so revisions are good, but if this isn’t working - what is the proper procedure for a refund?


Reversions should be unlimited as long as you are in the circle of what you originally ordered, ie if you asked for a circle and got a square, the reversion should be free. If you asked for a circle got a circle but change your mind and want a square, you cough up some extra cash for that reversion. If you need the work to be finished by that specific seller then you need to first make them understand exactly what you want. If you need a refund you can click on the resolve issue then cancel the order or you can contact CS and they will cancel the order on your behalf.


Thank you.
Seller made some changes, but it still in no way matches the requirements. He’s basically doing what I could be doing myself. And I have done this myself several times, but was never content. Which is why I needed to hire in the first place.

Can a seller cancel the order, or does this have to go through support?


A seller initiates a cancellation then the buyer either agrees or disagree same goes if the buyer initiates the cancellation. If both can’t work out a resolution then you invite support to review the case and make a decision.


Where do I find these options?


on the order page you should find this option click on it and follow the prompt