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When Seller's Unexpectedly Cancel

I have been using off and on for the past year or so and have an overall good experience with the service. This site/market is a great place for networking and finding affordable advertising to promote a growing business. My only real issue with is the emphasis of leaving positive reviews for services no matter what. Even when you leave a so-so review, the seller’s want to cancel rather than improve their service. There is no such things as providing perfect service for every assignment. This process allows many poor sellers/service providers to be less accountable and take the high road when it comes to less than satisfactory service. Sure, you immediately get your money back, but that is not the point. For example, I paid for 3 similar services by three different providers. The first provider provided great service and I even left a tip. The second provider cancelled immediately stating she couldn’t do it, which was fine…at least she was professional and provided immediate feedback. Then there was the third…she cancelled on the day of the deadline (which was a 7 day period by the way) saying I did not meet requirements when I clearly did. She simply chose not to do the assignment and try to take the high road to avoid accountability. Therefore, should allow sellers and service providers to get negative reviews, without allowing to always remove them so they customer’s can have an overall better experience AND allow sellers/providers to learn from the experience to improve their service.

Hi moetchandon,
A seller needs to be able to cancel when they need to. This seller was wrong to wait until the last minute and then to blame you, but the best thing is to accept it and move on quickly. You got your money back and can find another seller who hopefully is more professional. As problems with sellers go this one is not as great as some others. I would be very frustrated too but would just want it behind me so I could get on with my work.

Thank you and you are awesome! You are right about sellers needing the ability to cancel. I don’t have a problem with sellers that cancel…it happens a lot. It is not what you do, but how you do it…meaning professionalism. I sell products through my online store and ship them nationwide. Some customer’s love me, some not so much, but my core mission is to provide the best overall customer experience possible! It is not about money, it is about principle. If I didn’t do that, I would be out of business.

It’s buyers that deserve negative reviews when they behave badly. Some guy hires me to write book title and headlines for his book promotion. I do both, then the *** demands modifications in both orders. That’s when I knew he was a scammer. A normal buyer might demand modifications in one but not the other, but both? That’s very rare. I did great work, but Mr. Cheap obviously wants more work without paying more money. So you know what I did? I refunded both orders. Sure, I avoided a bad review, but he still gets to keep the free work I delivered, which he may or may not use. Most importantly, he stole my time, that time is gone forever.

I understand you position completely. The argument can go both ways. There can be bad sellers and buyers. Both should be held accountable to provide the best overall user experience to both parties on