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When selling your art


so im curious to know when selling your art/product to a customer do you just add the shipping cost into the base price or do you tell them its an added such and such price? im trying to gauge how much my art should be sold for and not sure how to go about it.


That’s up to you. Many businesses and brands price their products and services both ways. It depends upon your market, and how you wish to be perceived.


General consensus and fiverr market value, man. Research forums and shop sites that harbor your competition. Observe every aspect of the top sellers in your field. From the language, tag techniques, pricing breakdown to presentation.

To my line of thinking, any additional itemizing of cost will add to sticker shock.

79.99 looks better than 69.99 plus 9.99 for shipping.


Since this is an international market place your shipping costs are going to be all over the scale. If you try to add them to the basic price you may lose money when the shipping costs go over the amount you added in.

This site really is not set up to send physical products out worldwide but if you want to try it you will need to get someone’s address first and then send them the amount, or calculate a standard rate which would cover every possible variable. Either way it’s not going to be easy.


@misscrystal is correct. I have a small e-commerce business and shipping is a challenge. The best thing you could do is contact the post office, or whom ever you plan to use, and tell them what you are trying to do and ask their advice. My products are small but heavy so I do a lot of flat rate and regional rate, however, I only ship in the US. Definitely, talk to your shipper before setting up your prices.