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When sending custom offers to people in other countries, what currency do we use?


As the title says… I was just wondering if anyone knew this. I live in Australia but most of my customers are American and there’s a big difference in currency. If I send it in American dollars does it eventually get converted to Australian?


That’s a good question. I would send an offer in your native currency while including the converted offer in USD within the description (if allowed). Hopefully a mod can confirm and or add to this.


I always send custom offers with USD

If they use Fiverr with one of these currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, it automatically converted their currencies. If you just send offer in message as text, they should convert it manually :slight_smile:

There is a currency option at the right bottom of the website.


I guess if you have a buyer from US you can convert your Australian Currency ammount to their currency manually and then send it to them. It will hardly take 10 seconds to do this :slight_smile:


Yes, but then does the amount remain in US dollars when it eventually transfers into my account?


Thanks! That’s what I did for a $80 AUD order, except it’s coming up for $80 for my US buyer. I’m not sure what happens if they proceed. I don’t want to overcharge people.


Yes, it will that is what I am saying e.g if you charge 100 Australian Dollar for your service convert it to USD and

100 Australian Dollar = 77.28 USD

So you can send order of 78$ to the client and when you withdraw you will get 100AUS in you bank account


Yes - I’m in Australia as well and it can be super confusing for buyers - especially when they now get GST added as well! I’ve had a few get cranky as they don’t realise. It is generally more of an issue for custom offers, as gigs are generally automatically displayed in AUD. I have this auto responder that I add to all custom offers, especially if they are new to fiverr:

Please also note, that all prices are in USD, as fiverr works only in USD - you will see in some sections of the site prices with A next to them - for eg A$6.74, but that is an approximate converted price. GST may be added if you have not registered your ABN with fiverr.


You can’t charge in AUD - you have to charge in USD…


It is super confusing! I wish non US users didn’t have to worry about this!

I meant I sent them an $80 order (which was obviously in AUD) on my end and it was coming up as $80 for them as well (in US dollars.)

Does that mean I just send them a $62 offer and it’ll automatically convert?


I’m dense I know by asking this, but why worry about it?


Not dense at all! I’m worried if I send a customer a $62 offer instead of an $80 offer and it actually goes through on my end as $62, then I miss out on almost $20. I should be getting $80 for this order. Then I have to talk to the buyer about this and that and I don’t want to annoy them or have them think I’m tying to scam them. I’d like the offer to be correct the first time around.

I know it’s only $20, but still!


In my opinion, you are best to make sure when giving prices, that you always think of it in USD - otherwise you will miss out and it could make it even more confusing - especially with the GST and fiverr fee added on top of that (and you do’t know how much that will be - as it is added ON TOP of any price you quote).

If you send them an order for $62, it may still end up being around $65 with the fiverr fee, or closer to $70 if GST is added. You will still get the same amount regardless (which would be $62USD - minus the 20% fee.)

I just leave my page set to display USD to avoid confusion, so that is all I see - then I know exactly how much I am getting - as it isn’t AUD until I withdraw and the paypal conversion goes through anyway. All the gig prices/increments are set in USD and the AUD conversion is fluid, so I find it easier to quote based on those gig prices which are in USD.


Thank you so much for this response! Much appreciated.


It is very good question… I live in Australia but most of my customers are American and there’s a big difference in currency


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