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When should i get my next order to move to the next level?

Hi guys,
As my last order was about 28 days ago, when should i get my next order to achieve the next level 1 ?
Will the Selling Seniority be changed if i do not get any order ?
Please someone to explain


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Complete the order 10

How is your rating completed ?
How is your earnings completed ?


Response Rate 100%

Orders Completed 100%

Delivered on Time 100%

Rating : 5 stars

Eranings : 1823 USD

How many orders did you make?

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As you see : 9 orders

Complete 01 more
Then your first level is received

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Yes i know, my question is, if i do not get an offer in 10, 20 days will my stats be changed ?

There are no other options

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