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When should I raise my prices?

I started selling (emotes/art) on Fiverr last month, with a starting price of 5$. When I reached about 10 reviews I increased my price to 10$. This month on the 14th I will become a level one seller, and I currently have about 27 reviews! I want to increase my prices again but I’m not really sure when I should, or if I should wait until I get more reviews…

People of my skill level in the same category as me typically charge 15-30$ per emote, but they have a lot more reviews than I do. I charge 30$ for 3 emotes, so I’m getting a lot of orders, but this is a lot of work compared to how many hours I’m working. I’ve had a lot of clients tell me that my prices are very low! Should I wait until like 60-100 reviews to increase my price? Or do people look at seller level to determine value as well? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can always try and if it doesn’t work lower your prices. I’m also almost a level 1 seller and have never thought of raising my prices although our gigs are quite different so it probably is different. I have heard from level 1/2 sellers that when they became one it didn’t really increase much besides being able to have more gigs, bigger custom offers, etc.

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I’m just scared that if I raise my prices, that my orders might drop…
Btw, why haven’t you thought of raising your prices? Do you feel your prices matches the work well? Just curious haha

We both do very different types of gigs and for me when it comes to for instance my game development gig it is very “Job Specific” anyways and so it wouldn’t really matter. However for you it probably does make sense. I mean the worst thing that can happen is you lower your prices back to the previous prices.