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When someone answers your question, don't spam them

So, you’re confused about something, and you post on the forum. Someone answers your question. Perhaps you need to ask for a clarification, perhaps you don’t.

Either way, if you have something to tell them, do it on the forum, within the same topic.

Don’t send them a private message on the forum, unless they invite you to.

Don’t send them a message on the main site. The only reason to message a seller on the main site is if you intend to buy from them, and need to ask them something about their service.

Don’t spam. Just don’t. It’s not nice, and if that’s not a good enough reason, here’s another one: you will probably get reported, and your messaging could get disabled.

So, don’t do it.


Fantastic post. I totally agree.

Another tip would be to not bring your resolved issue into other irrelevant conversations. Ie: posting your own topic about a bad buyer, getting replies and help and then bringing your same problem about the bad buyer into other threads of the similar topics looking for help again, perhaps because you didn’t like the advice you received on your own thread.

On the topic of spam too, it’s getting a bit much seeing the same “please help me get my first order” or “I need sales” topics everywhere in the forum. I know I’m not the only one who thinks so! haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again catwriter!


@catwriter Great topic! But unfortunately some sellers never follow this post. They will definitely spam you again and again! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL :smiley:


If they spam, I report them and block them.

If they keep doing that once they’re unblocked, after a while, they can say “Goodbye” to their account. :smile_cat:


Sometimes if it’s friendly spam, such as hi how are you I saw you on the forum, I don’t feel like reporting them. Lately it’s been more of the asking for help type of spam. I think that they simply don’t realize that it’s wrong. So usually I counsel them that it’s not allowed instead of reporting them.

So if you get a message saying hi, or asking for help give them a gentle warning that it’s not allowed.


That’s what I think, too, though sending a message both as a forum PM and on the main site is too much.

I politely tell them that it’s not allowed, and explain why. And then I report them. A friendly warning from CS won’t do them harm if they don’t repeat it.

I have contacted various forum members for a few reasons: (BUT NEVER ON THE MAIN SITE)

  • Who made their cartoon avatar, as I was in a need for that. Contacted 4-5 people.
  • I have messaged some of them because we were going off-topic.
  • I have messaged few a members to thank them personally because their advice had helped me a lot. I thought to say it in public it looks more of a showoff.
  • I needed to purchase their service. Because I mostly purchase stuff only from forum members as all of us have cool gigs. :crazy_face:
  • I haven’t asked people for advice except once when I needed quick help on a similar situation that the particular forum member had.

However, I have never asked people:

  • To order my gig.
  • To be my mentors.
  • To improve my gigs.

But that was before I read the dos and donts and when I was not familiar at all with the concept of a public forum.


Your reasons seem fine to me, as long as it’s a PM on the forum, not a message on the main site. :slightly_smiling_face:

The situation I’m talking about is a bit more specific: you answer someone’s question on the forum, and that person, instead of keeping the discussion within the forum, starts messaging you wherever they can. That’s spamming, and that’s treating you like you owe them something just because you took the time to answer their question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Correct, that’s a thing that should be reported in the same second.

Honestly, why contact someone in a private message when it’s better to keep the discussion here, which would inform a lot of people about a possible solution for a particular problem. :slight_smile:

Although, I have also contacted a forum member that didn’t get my sarcasm, and I wanted to say sorry because I might have offended that user. She was very polite, and I took her tip for not using sarcasm in a written format too often. :slight_smile:

I am constantly learning the forum rules.


Not really. I have reported someone ( from the forums ) thrice and still they were able to contact me. At last I reported them to Customer Support, the account is still there… Nothing happened. and yes if they want, they can still contact me. :roll_eyes:


Ouch. I thought that they would get banned if they spam repeatedly and get reported by several (or numerous) annoyed Fiverr users. It’s really bad that they can still contact you.

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It’s those “Can you help me?” ones that bother me since that is a question for the forum, one more “How can I get sales?” question we see all the time.


Those drive me nuts and just clog up the forum, yet the answer is always the same! Sigh. lol.


They just want someone to give them money. They find rhe easy way…
You can fool all people some of the time but not all people all the time…

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