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When someone asks for refund

I worked with a client from UK, he is a doctor, whenever he was busy, he used to tell me to stop working until I am back. I asked for 3-4 days, but because of his slow response work went above the deadline (although I delivered within time, he understood my concern of being late).

Today I was travelling, and I had no data connection, he sent a few messages, I replied after 3 hours.

He already had mentioned he wants a refund, I told him okay I’ll do the work and will refund as well :smiley: (I said that so he don’t disturb me and have in mind that I am working).

I completed the stuff, when I updated him that I have completed the updates (updated him within 2 hours after last reply), he started bargaining HE wants refund because I said so :stuck_out_tongue:

what should I do now? I spent 2 weeks :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you promised him a refund you should keep your promise.

I did. And Delivered it for free. Although I didn’t mean that :smiley: but I refunded.

yes :smiley: I got it right after the message. anyways thanks @kjblynx