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When someone continues asking questions for several days what do you do?

I have it happen almost every day where someone will continue to ask questions for two three or four days in a row, ignoring offers I send. I still feel uneasy about ignoring them.
I also feel bad about blocking them.

How do you handle people who continue asking questions repeatedly while ignoring custom offers? When this happens I lose interest in even having them for a client, but am unsure how to word something that basically tells them to go away.

If they are this unsure after several days of questioning me, they need to stop. They obviously are not really going to make a purchase.

They even begin asking the same questions again that I’ve already answered. I have a suspicion that the same person makes new accounts to do this from.


Hi @misscrystal - it happens to me too! It can be very frustrating, especially if you are busy. Some buyers ask many questions, and then they never order. BUT - I’ve had people asking questions who became regular buyers. So - I guess it is a toss-up! Some you win, some you lose.

Usually, I answer questions up to a point. Then I propose that we do a ‘sample’ paid-for gig - so that the buyer can see if I am what he is looking for. I politely ‘stop’ the flow of questions by telling the buyer that I am willing to work with him, but I am quite busy. It’s either we get to it, or we don’t.

Genuine and professional buyers will see your point. If they don’t, you are better off anyway. It is up to you to take a (polite) stand!


I can’t help being blunt at this point and telling them I can’t help them. That doesn’t even stop the questions sometimes. They want to know why. I really want them to stop messaging me. It feels like harassment. They know they are taking advantage of me.


I think they are not actual buyers who disturb you several days. Be patient.


I think it is ok to block them then, after you’ve told them you can’t help?


I agree. But they make new accounts. I’m sure this one person keeps doing that.


You can report them as spam once you told them to stop contacting or something. Also tell them that you are busy right now with some tasks, and I will contact you once I am free.
Or the other way is to use a magic spell on him :joy:


Misscrystal, if you suspect someone is making multiple accounts please report them for harassment!!

When someone gets in touch to find out about my services, I usually send them a bullet list of 3 or 4 questions so that I can find out if I have time to work on their script, that I offer the service they need and how much to charge them. If they ignore any or all of the questions more than once I tell them I can’t help them and block them.


On a few special occasions I told a person that the discussion was taking too long and in my experience, if that was the case it could indicate that while there was a genuine interest in my work, I was not quite what they were looking for in this particular instance.

It’s the most diplomatic: “You’re wasting my time and are not going to buy anything anyway” I can muster.

The more streamlined version is: “I believe we discussed the project at length and I have enough information to proceed. If you’re interested in making a purchase, please see the offer below.” You’d think it’d be a bit risky for the future rating and could get you some low stars for communication if they decided to go through with the offer. But they usually don’t because buying is not an end goal.


Diplomacy is too subtle sometimes. I wish I were able to just ignore them. I did tell one that my time was being wasted and I was finished answering questions so they stopped.

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@lenasemenkova - I’m saving that quote for my own use. Hope you don’t mind.

@misscrystal - someone mentioned at some point that in these circumstances they tell the pest that they will only continue the conversation with a consultation gig - @eoinfinnegan, possibly? I’ve tried that and it worked.


I really don’t want them to order if they get to the point of annoying me. I’m a very patient person usually but they need to know when to stop. I need to say something to discourage them and get rid of them without sounding angry.

If they are that inconsiderate then what will they be like if they order.

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… you can always go out of office …

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Sometimes it’s not just questions they ask but they go on at length about something that I don’t even have a gig for. When I tell them that then they switch to asking about something I have a gig for and expect to get me involved in a long conversation about that. It’s sometimes someone who started with Hi, me: Hi, them: how are you. As if they just want long drawn out conversations about anything. This type is usually from one particular country for some reason.

It’s probably from this forum.

This happens almost every day.


I concentrate maybe they are not real buyers who always disturb you several days. don’t worry! just be cool

I think you need to tell them that all counselling incurs a fee.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to mark them as spam … which is what it is.


So, they are treating you as their therapist. No good at all.
I’m not ax expert and I don’t have experience about buyers like yours, but I would answer politely to questions, but then tell them to refer to my gig’s faqs.

I’m half serious and half joking now: consider to create a separate gig about answering general questions :smiley:


I politely tell them that I’m sorry, but I don’t offer consultations, and that I’m not a good match for their needs.


I have a doubt. If 3 to 4 of your buyers report your normal conversation as spam, what happens to your account? There are always some buyers who can dislike you for example someone who gave you 2 star or 1 star and they have had some conversation in inbox. They report you as spam after the rating. I read in the forum, 2 to 3 buyers reporting as spam gets your account disabled.

You misunderstand @mercurianus - it’s the seller that should mark the “buyer’s” constant questioning as spam. They have no intention of buying - that makes their messages spam …

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