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When someone famous contacts you to work with him but

Your pc isn’t good enough to even support just the editing that the first editor has made.
You have to add visual effects and sound effects, but your pc is already dying before you start working.

Contact the client to decline his offer.

Be mad

Go under the desk in applying the recovery position

Cry alone

My life/10


I’m sorry :frowning: that’s a bummer. I hope you’re able to upgrade your specs soon? X


Not really, I would need to completly remake my pc setup and spend 3k€ on it, too huge budget :confused:


The struggle of every editor. I need a new PC more fitting to editing but good luck on buying one with my income :neutral_face:


Did you try to set the preview resolution at a lower level or was it a “stems” problem (too many tracks)?

P.S.: how famous? How many subscribers? Curious!

Someone famous and with multiple video editors? Guess it is a YouTube or Twitch personality who’s had a fair bit of success, but still too vague to make any determination.

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I work on Vegas Pro 18 so no idea what it’s like on Premiere Pro but from the display it looks like you’re playing back in a high resolution, was it that bad even when playing back at a low resolution? Given you’re a Level One seller no point in mentioning video proxies lol. Sucks you missed on this job, but I’m sure you’ll get more opportunities later on!

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@mattboa Yes, it’s the basic stuff that video editors do, as for proxy files.
@enunciator And yes, he has 3 millions subscribers on his main channel, around 500k subs on his secondary one and he is known in gaming.
@kometbeats Don’t worry, I know my job and softwares, I always work in low resolution with proxy files :rofl:

But yes, quite sad for the opportunity

I have the high quality gear but from 2012 :smiley:


I have I7 quad core, 16GB, GTX 970, it’s “alright” but it’s old components so it might be not enough finally

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Buy a Mac mini m1 for 700 bucks, ditch premiere (horrible app) for final cut, and you can edit pretty much anything. My 2015 mbp with integrated graphics can play back 4K at full res with no drop frames on final cut. Premiere is a resource hog. If you absolutely need to keep your current system, at least use resolve. Not as fast as final cut, but it’s more stable than premiere and you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to adobe. Oh, and the interface isn’t ugly.

And btw, with the current gpu shortage you can sell your system for enough money to buy the mac, easy - the prices on gpu’s are outrageous atm.

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I don’t like apple and final cut, since school I haven’t used this stuff anymore.
It has been very long to learn adobe softwares, premiere pro is very good but it’s often unstable :confused:
I mean, it’s not that I don’t like apple but during all my life i always have used windows, the first time ever i touched apple and final cut, was at school during 2 years, it was like unlearning everything i learnt.

I’m telling you. I’ve used both. Premiere is horrible in terms of performance. Once you learn final cut, it smokes anything else in terms of speed. Not even close. And it looks much better while doing it, and is more stable. I’ve actually tried premiere on my 5K iMac with an 8 GB gpu and it’s slower than final cut on my MacBook without a dedicated gpu. It’s sad how bad it is.

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Indeed, I don’t even know why they don’t fix the issue, after all the money they get now with their lame 60€ subscribing per month for 2 softwares

Just move, man, believe me. You’ll be way faster. And Macs used to be more expensive (still way worth it), but now with the m1 Macs it’s a no brainer. It’s the obvious choice. They beat any computer for video editing in terms of performance per $. And will be dead silent and cool to the touch while doing it. And spend 1/10 of the electricity. Win-win-win.


No doubt, you’re right, but I have no idea how those softwares work together.
With adobe, i can edit in premiere pro and open the dynamic link with after effect to apply motion designing in video editing soft through after effect, same for AE and C4D dynamic link

You don’t need that in Mac OS. You do the motion design inside final cut (through apple motion templates). No need to switch software. It’s much better. AE is needed if you’re doing really advanced stuff, for motion graphics final cut alone is more than enough.

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I’m gonna watch some videos about it, it’s a completly unknown territory for me.

Trust me, once you get used to it you’ll be unable to go back. I first started editing seriously in premiere. Tried Final Cut Pro X in 2011. Never went back, and nowadays I straight up refuse to use premiere. It’s just too painful.

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Check this out - Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro Speed Test - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures - YouTube

It’s a bit old, but still stands. If anything, FCP got even faster with the new metal architecture re-write. Adobe should be ashamed.

And btw, render and export speeds are just one part of it, and not that important. What’s more impressive to me is playback fluidly and responsiveness. When I click the space bar on FCP, playback starts immediately. Not after a second. When I skim the timeline, everything responds instantaneously. No lag, no freezes, no beachball, nothing. Just goes.

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