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When someone messages you and only says "hi" or "hello" do they buy from you?

I remember getting a surprise once when someone who only began his first message with “hi” actually decided to buy a gig from me.

How has it been for others who only get a “hello” or a “hi” and nothing more from someone?

Often when I say hi back they will ask a couple questions but these are never genuine, real questions as if they are serious.

I have no idea why they bother to send a message only saying hi. If anyone here does that maybe you can explain it.


Wow, you are lucky. I have never gotten an order from a conversation starting like that.

Usually, buyers will get straight to the point if they are genuinely interested in buying something and not just wasting your time.


Most of them don’t.

If they are serious, they mostly reply right away with the stuff they need. But if someone doesn’t say anything other than Hi, then it’s better to send a pre-built message and ignore them.


You are the lucky one. I have these either one every few days or, if I am ranked better and have lots of messages, almost daily. So…


When I say hi back the questions they ask are always ones I know from experience are not ones indicating they actually are interested in my gigs or possibly making a purchase. They usually show an ulterior motive.

People interested in possibly buying my gigs will have some questions or comments that show that, and say them in the first message.


Well, I had 11 ‘hi’ messages in a day once, so I don’t know if I am lucky. :rofl:


I get at least two a day and it’s very tiring. I always answer and it’s always a waste of time.

I can’t imagine 11 in one day!

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I wish we had an option to ignore someone without blocking them.

That way we could go back and see what they wrote later without having to see their messages when they are annoying and pointless.


It was crazy! I have gotten five per day over the last few weeks, but this weekend I have only gotten two per day as well, so hopefully, it is getting better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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One person who just said “Hi” at the beginning later bought from me, and she was really nice to work with.


It’s much less than one percent who end up purchasing for me. In fact one-- in a million.

Some of many ulterior motives:

They want to know how to do what I do (not uncommon)
They want to know basically how easily they can get a refund from me (worded in various ways)
They follow up the “hi” with “how are you?”
They have an improper or ridiculous request they know is stupid or shocking

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Nope, never. I usually just send the generic “How can I help you” message and what I get in return is either complete jibberish or someone shilling their own new “revolutionary” website.

Yeah, that happens a lot too. For some reason, people think it’s ok to just message you directly without bothering to read anything on your gig page…even the title.


They ask for things that have nothing to do with my gigs.

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Yep, that’s just how it goes…it’s been 2 days and all I’ve gotten in this time is a “Hi” message and a buyer that disappeared after asking about samples.

The past few days have been way to harsh some reason.

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Since the stats reappeared orders have gone down.

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Most of my orders I get only have “hi” initially. I respond appropriately and then eventually an order happens. Ironically the ones that state exactly what they need I only get an order from those fold about half the time.

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That makes two of us. The last few days have just been brutal. I haven’t had this low orders all year and it’s been a rough year as it is.

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It seems like having those stats working makes it so we are limited. I did well when they went off. As soon as they came back it died out. But I still do get the same amount of “hi” messages.

This is the first time that I haven’t gotten a new order or message other than “Hi” in the last 2 days soon to be 3 if that doesn’t change today.

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