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When someone purchases an order against policies outlined in gig

Help! Someone just recently purchased a gig from me to do product reviews. They already wrote out the reviews they want me to say. No big deal. EXCEPT the products are adult products! I don’t want to post about mine or my husband’s sex drives or testosterone levels and certainly don’t want to post things about enhancements. In my gig, I clearly say, will not do reviews on any adult products. The person who bought the gig was really pushy about getting the reviews done. When I actually saw what the reviews were for, I messaged the person to say that I won’t post reviews on products like that. Even though this person has been super fast about responding to me before I discovered the nature of the products, they haven’t responded to me. I would like to mutually cancel the order, but they won’t get back with me. I don’t want to hurt my cancellation rate and want to know the best route to take with this. Any advice is welcomed! Thanks!

I suggest cancelling the order and immediately contacting Customer Support about it, as well as reporting the buyer for breaking the Fiverr ToS (no adult stuff allowed - someone please correct me if I’m wrong). It might take them a while to answer, but they will certainly help you.

Thanks to both of you!!

Get a fake ID! I’ve posted a ton of reviews on Amazon, I never ever use my real name. A real name has value, why waste it on reviews?