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When tax time comes

Fiverr Customer Service is a joke. I need a solid answer from someone who knows what they are talking about.

I am a buyer, buying thousands of dollars worth of gigs. I have been told by my accountant that I need a w-9 from Fiverr(not the sellers), however the only thing Fiverr will give me are monthly invoices… No other help, no nothing.

Thanks for the help! Glad to see you appreciate your buyers.

You need a new accountant.

You can deduct any business expenses you have receipts for.

You can take screenshots of your orders on fiverr to show the IRS what you bought.

A W9 is a request for a Federal Tax ID number. You apply for this yourself. If you are reporting your business income on a Schedule C, your SS # will be sufficient. AFAIK.

If you are thinking of a Form 1099, that would only useful to a Seller.

And as @misscrystal stated, all you need are receipts. Perhaps a list of PayPal transactions?

But just so you are aware, a W-9 is something you need to get BEFORE you hire someone to do a job for you, not after the fact.

And Fiverr is not goig to get involved in peoples taxes, they are not a person. Your accountant should know how to write this off and put it under proper business expenses.

If they refuse to do that, then it might be best to find an actual indivudal freelancer to do the work and always be sure to have them fill out a W-9 prior to starting.