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When The Buyers Website Application You Decide To Use, Has a Trojan

Hey guys,

I have a customer, and I won’t say their name, that I am making a promotional video for. I decided to check out their website and actually download their application so I can use it in the promotional video. Yeah, stupid of me to not do research on the website right? Well, turns out there was a Trojan on that Application. D: . Good thing I have Webroot!

How do I handle this, do I continue with the order, do I cancel the order? I mean, jeez. I say for the money it may be worth it. But ethics wise, it seems wrong if they are putting virus on peoples computers. Anyways, what do you guys think?

  • Continue with the order
  • Cancel the order and explain why

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Continue with the order but warn people in the form of anonymous reviews that the company is run a bunch of scam artists.

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Well, am I allowed to post the website link here? I will wait for a mod or admin I guess? lol

The thing is, if they are “scam artists”, what if they try to scam me and leave me with a bad review or ask for their money back?

If there is something as such then they would not only scam you for a refund once after you deliver the order and also other people who fall for their scam with your promotional video.

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Exactly. Not worth my time or the money.

No, please don’t post any links to that website. Thank you.


I figured. lol :smiley:

Yes of course! Don’t be a party to that.

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