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When the client wants to cancel the order

Hello there. So here is what happened. The client ordered a gig for a logo. I have unlimited revisions, because I want to leave my client 100% satisfied.
He ordered 3 logos, I drew 3 logos. He said he wanted something more formal than my original style and with a mascot near the logo, was very vague about what he actually wants. I drew more variations. Spent 3 days working, drawing. Tried my best to adjust to the little info I have. After that he said that my style is not suitable for him and he wants to cancel the order.
I am not badmouthing him or anything. I am just very sad about it all. I spent so much time and energy trying to create something that he would like. And I feel bad that the time I spent on it was for nothing…
I just want to share it and want to know if that happened to you before? What were you doing in these situation? I know canceling a gig will affect my rating, but I do not know what to do really.



I face one time. Also, we are spent too much time and try to do our best. However, sometimes face these problems. Nothing to do. :slightly_smiling_face:
But I think the order cancel is good. Because some clients accept the order and give poor reviews. So, I think the order cancellation is good. If you get poor review it is more harmful than order cancel. :smiley:
SO, Always before order talks with the buyer and get an idea of their character. :grinning:.

I’m going to be brief because the forums are full of posts just like yours. And I mean the following thoughts in a friendly way…

Firstly, never offer unlimited revisions. Why open yourself to abuse? You are giving a buyer permission to come back and hit you time and time again. Offering unlimited revisions doesn’t make a client satisfied. It just says you are inexperienced, and you will find that you will attract sketchy buyers who are attracted by the ‘greed’ of the word unlimited. Offer two or there revisions if you must to make yourself feel better. I offer none.

Secondly, if the buyer instructions were so poor, why did you even start work on the project? You were shooting in the dark. The client had no idea what he wanted. So, how could you? You should have messaged him back requesting more information or simply saying “if you can’t provide detailed instructions I will have to ask for a mutual cancellation of this order”.

Thirdly, following on from point two, why invest three days doing so? Three days. What was that going to achieve when your buyer didn’t know what they wanted?

These are all rookie mistakes. Your buyer sounds like a fool. And sadly you went along with it. You will know for next time.


Thanks, man! Yep I am a rookies, well we all learn for mistakes. It was very useful info. Thanks again

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As I say, please take my comments in the spirit they’re intended - to be helpful.

After a while you see many posts just like yours in the forums. The important thing is that you learn from your experience.

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years now. I have learnt that if the client doesn’t know what they want, then you are in for a tough ride (as you have found). It’s got to the point now that I won’t work with buyers who are fools. I either tell them to come back when they do know what they want (hopping they won’t!), tell them I’m too busy to take their job on (it’s an easy get out line), or simply tell them the truth about their lacklustre ideas (sometimes people need to be told).

I know it’s tough starting out on here (really, I do), but you have to keep some perspective on things. A gut instinct should have kicked in after a few hours with this buyer. An instinct that said “I’m wasting my time here”. Good luck!

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You offer unlimited revisions. That means unlimited revisions.

This is why you don’t offer that.

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There are a ton of unethical buyers that search for two things:

  1. new sellers
  2. unlimited revisions

I’m a writer and proofreader. 25+ years’ experience.

You’ve summed up in less than 20 words what I took 200+ words to do.

And you did it better. Gutted!

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I been a Hip-Hop lyric writer for almost 15 years, we tend to be as brief as possible. :laughing:


I also face same issue. But When I convinced him. And told him “what is my fault. I will give you unlimited revisions until your satisfaction”. Then buyer ready and also give me good review. So try to convinced buyer with work. If not ready then you cancel the order.