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When the new update is coming?

can anyone tell that when Fiverr new update is coming?

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It’s already available to some sellers profile and there is no clear declaration when it will be available for all.

The word on the street is in two months.

but there is any date any idea that when fiverr release this for everyone

really ? are you sure

No, that is why it is word on the street, they say for sure in two months but it can happen tomorrow. If you are on forum and main site all day you can see glitches every now and then happening…

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yeah there are many glitches now a days in fiverr i dont know what fiverr are doing . and i hope tomorrow we will get the update

It is more likely in two months.

and i am facing one more issue that my gig is on first page and suddenly its disappeared and now its on last page whyyyy

Read this:

i hope fiverr solve these bugs as soon as possible

It is not a bug.

It is update. Soon you will have to pay for the first page:

To learn about latest updates keep eye on Fiverr’s official channels (Social media/Official Forum/Blog etc)