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When the rating for buyers will come back?


I think would be really useful for us, the sellers to know the ratings of the buyers, this way we could select better our costumers and avoid cancellations.What do you think about this?


You can’t select buyers. They find your gig and order.


You are right, the best case would be that the seller would contact you before but still they can order.But anyway, what’s the point of giving ratings to our buyers?


I use it as an opportunity to say ‘thank you’! :sunny:


Thats tru i suppot yoy


Landre, I’m afraid that some buyers might be intimidated by a rating system. SOme people just don’t want to be rated. We wouldn’t want to scare away anyone with cash in their hand right? Now, if a buyer is truly giving you a problem, you can always report them if they violate fiverr TOS. Fiverr is VERY responsive to that sort of issue. Keep doing what makes you great! james


Well, I don’t want to get negative reviews, but I get them sometimes. Why shouldn’t buyers get them as well?

You’re a VO artists, haven’t you gotten problem clients that hate every take? That turn a 5-minute job into a 25-minute job? That give you 3-stars or less because you didn’t provide enough revisions or didn’t flatter them as much as they wanted? If you haven’t, you will.

Everyone gets bad reviews eventually. Fiverr’s new level system doesn’t acknowledge that. They demand 4.8 out of 5 and a 90% completion rate. That’s unrealistic for those of us who do subjective gigs like logos, VO’s, art, writing, etc.

The system needs to hold buyers accountable. If a seller can be demoted, maybe a buyer should be demoted as well. Maybe we need levels for buyers, and perhaps a big T for buyers with a reputation as troublemakers. Also, I’d like to see an optional “no refund” policy.

Refunds were tolerable before the levels era. Now we’re in danger of losing money and our current level? That’s extremely unfair.