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When the site doesn't work right

I’ve been on the site about a month and am now a Level One seller. I know I only get to submit offers to three buyers on the “buyer request” list per day, but most of the time when I try, nothing happens. I hit submit, yet I still have “3 offers left today” on my dashboard, so I know the offer never went through.My other problem is that sometimes I will see a buyer request that I know I can do well and already have a gig up for, and when I try to submit an offer, the drop-down menu will only list a couple of my gigs, often NOT the one that matches. For example, if the buyer request is, “write an ebook,” my drop-down list of current gigs many only show “write copy for your Web site” or “proofread your ebook.” Does anyone know why I’m having trouble on the site. Has anyone else ever had the same types of problems?