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When The Smoke Is Going Down

After 6 Month’s it is the First time I saw last 7 days my all gig is going down even no new order. What happen? Is this the new update on Fiverr? that is affected all of my gig’s? Is there anybody knows anything about it?


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No offense, but you’re “still” a new seller. People like me with 500+ reviews have days like this too. Most of the new blood is just using the algorithm as an excuse to complain - don’t be one of them.

Ok Sir

Let see after one year or two…

Please don’t call me sir and don’t take this the wrong way. You’ll have many more days like this in the future and the best advice I can give is self-promotion and buyer requests.

Prefer Sir to Dear…


If possible don’t refer to me as either. Calling me sir makes me feel old and calling me dear is just borderline creepy.


Same here and I have over 800 sales over the past 2 years.

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced such a dry period.

It has to do with the new algorithm.

Very curios what will happen next.

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Well, at 36, I don’t mind being called Sir. :grin:

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I’m 22, at the prime of my life…just call me “man” or “dude” or anything else.

i am in the same situation having more than 2000 sales. dont understand what to do

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