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When the vaccine will be develop during this virus?

Many countries saying that they have developed the vaccine and have done a final trial on animals for testing… But where is the result of that trial?

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Vaccines need to go through many, MANY stages of testing. Don’t count on one before the Fall of 2021… :confused:


This is the wrong place to ask that.


maybe till end of 2020 - who can say its a pandemic everyone trying to put 100% to develop the vaccine.

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Yea. GOD IS WITH US… :slight_smile:

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Why are you asking this here? :joy:

Someone remind the physician section of the forum that they have a post to respond to…


hahaha… I wish that there could be a gigs related to physician and It could makes me a richest person here… :joy:

It definitely wouldn’t because no one would buy something so blatantly unethical and non-credible.


They tested one vaccine on four monkeys and it prevented them from getting the virus. It still takes over a year to test it on thousands of humans.

The forum is in the gutter yesterday and again today in a couple of threads.

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