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When the website is down

I ran into a problem yesterday when the website was down and I couldn’t access to my document…so how this works now? Do I get a credit for my document? Who should I speak to… It is not right that there is no way to access to our doucment if the website is down…can we have sent the edited document direclty to our email account without having to go to the link?

Please help


Hi and welcome.

Those are great questions. Hopefully you should have access to your document now that the site is running. If not try contacting the Seller first. If the issue remains contact Fiverr Support…


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,

Thank you, but how can I contact the seller if the website is down. We dont have access to their personal emails? How do we contact or call someone if this happens again. Now is to late for me…but for the future I want to make sure I can speak with someone that can solve my problem…


The Fiverr website is down. How am going to finish my project on a timely matter?