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When to click 'Deliver Work' button?


I am new to fiverr. My client placed an order for my gig. My gig is about 30 day social media posting.I got an option of deliver work. I am confused that should i click " DELIVER WORK ’ button at start or after 30 days when my work is completed? because as per gig i will work for 30 days for social media posting of client.

Plz guide.


When the 30 days is done.

If you deliver before the 30 days is up, your buyer could rightly say you haven’t made a full delivery.


Hi, when we click ‘DELIVER NOW’ button , do i need to upload my 30 day work document for client? or only a message is enough stating that the order is successfully completed.


When you “Deliver now” you deliver the completed and finished work document. Don’t deliver a half-done job.


  • Deliver well before the deadline, so the buyer can ask for revisions. It just makes the transaction easier and smoother if you deliver early and not last minute.
  • 30 days is a long time. Did you consider delivering by milestone?


Try to deliver something, maybe a summary of all the work you did, just to avoid any type of issues.
And as @elenaelena568 said, have you considered milestones? If you don’t know what that is check this article:


In this case the seller would be violating ToS to deliver early. If she promised 30 days, delivery should be after the service is fully complete. Be cautious with advice.


Client said that he wants weekly post designs to be created, send him for review then will go for scheduling.
Means i am now creating 7 post designs for a full week, send him for review then posting.
So do i need to deliver these weekly design document through deliver now button or from normal inbox chat box upload doc option?



It’s a tricky one! I would have the files approved, as you said, weekly or daily or whatever fits, post them, and only click ‘deliver work’ button after 30 days. I’d upload a summary of the work you’ve done, all the designs, etc. Delivering earlier in this case would be violating the ToS as the work technically is not completed until you finish posting, even if you have all the designs ready and approved, posting them is part of your service so I’d wait.


How would it violate TOS if you deliver the complete work before 30 days?


If your service takes 30 days, you have no way to make a complete delivery before that.


You could always write your 30-day posts in advance. It depends on the kind of job and its requirements.


I think you should only use the deliver button after the last post is completed.
Else, it will amount to incomplete delivery


First of all, thank you so much. Feeling great to see that so many helpful people are here around providing useful advice and guidance.

After reading all messages i think I should use deliver work button at last day of month, only after asking the client to message me that he is satisfied with work no due.

What’s your opinion?


Sound like you should be using the “Milestones” option. (If available to you)
It should be available when making custom quotes.
Then you can deliver each piece of a project and track it on Fiverr.

More info:


Thank you!! will surely check this.