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When To Go Full Time

Hey, everyone.

Question for the full-timers: How do you go full time on Fiverr? I don’t mean, how do you get to a point where you have enough gigs on a regular basis to do that. I mean, when you’re starting out, I assume the gigs just trickle in, and you obviously can’t quit your day job when you’re only getting one or two gigs at a time.

Right now, I’m fortunate enough to have a day job where I can take a day off whenever I want, but I’m not gonna start taking days off for one or two gigs. It seems logical to only take days off when I have enough gigs to earn the same amount I’d be making if I went to work, but it’s gonna take a while to get to that point, right? What do you do when you’re getting gigs, but not enough to make it worth taking a day off? Just do um in your spare time until you get to a point where you DO have enough lined up to take a day off?

Just wondering what everyone has to say about making that transition. What was YOUR experience like?

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Use Fiverr as a backup job. The 20% rake is absurd and 15 day holding period. Then you have to pay taxes. Half your money is gone before you even see it.

Thanks, sir for your suggestion. will you please guide me how can i change fiverr from full time to backup job.:slight_smile:

Ha-ha I can provide a custom offer for you with my secret :sunglasses:

yes, sure please.


Which category of service are you going to provide? As I’m providing service on WordPress criteria. This area is highly competitive. It will very difficult for me to maintain my gig if I do any office job. Replying clients, making changes for them, and making conversation with new clients for new projects. It takes my whole day. By doing this I cannot think about any office job. As you have a wonderful environment for office work you can start with one gig. If you feel comfortable you can increase your services providing multiple gigs.

I can always be busy and always have another job.

I use Fiverr’s app to stay connected so I only have to “work” several hours per day.

If you have a solid day job - keep it, do Fiverr several hours at night or day depending on your working hours.

:bulb: Joe

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I would not take days off to work on Fiverr. If it is part-time for you, do it a nights, weeekends, or other free times. I work full-time, and I never, ever take time off to work on fiverr gigs. It can not come close to what I make in a day to justify losing a day.