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When to lie to buyers

Your buyer makes an order and you discover that what he is selling might get him in trouble with the law in the future. Perhaps he’s violating a trademark.

This guy was selling two mugs, one with the words The Walking Dead, another one with The Talking Dead, both are named after TV shows, so you can’t use them.

Before I got started, I told the guy to beware of the trademark trolls and how he might get into trouble for selling that. He accused me of having a negative attitude and demanded a cancellation, which I granted.

Lesson learned, next time I’m keeping my mouth shut and let them suffer the consequences later. Like they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

It’s true. When you do people a huge favor as you did for this poor mentally challenged fellow they often kick you for it. That guy was not only unable to grasp the significance of what you said but simply heard something he didn’t want to hear and got mad. Do not cast pearls before swine.

Samething happened to me but in a different manner, I received a message from a seller asking if I want to buy a video of a minion holding my banner. I told him that you should not spam other sellers inbox and that using a copyright protected character like Minions for commercial use can be treated before law. And that guy told me, “**** you”. I had not replied anything and marked it as spam.

Lesson learned,
If I receive a message like this in future I will directly mark it as spam instead of replying anything.

I have a gun nut who wants me to write some positive copy about guns! In my inbox. I haven’t responded yet (“no” is my answer anyway). I’m not American, I don’t care about the 2nd Amendment and I’m certainly not going to write something supporting it. I suppose that’s a little different from TM issues, but a different side of the coin. As sellers, we have a right to not work with people and also not participate in violations of the law. If they pitch a fit about it, then the cancellation is all the more welcome imo.

I think the buyer got offended by his own ignorance.

I agree to your speech

Not sure why we have all these gun nuts. Why love guns so much? It’s like loving knives. The 2nd amendment was written in a time in history when the King’s soldiers could come in and simply seize people’s home at random. That was the purpose, to keep out the King’s army after the American Revolution so it made sense for the Colonists to have guns to fight against the British. They felt it prevented enslavement by a corrupt government and was a sign of freedom. Now it just means random mass murders.

Same rule applies for me when I get dumb azzes asking me to hack sites or unlock phone carriers and the like, I’m not going to do that for a measly $5 but if they want to pay for my fine and do the jail time for me, then by all means! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i agree…Buyer do not need our suggestions…they just want what they are looking for and our duty is to only provide them that…I also tried to suggest some buyer about the app features only when he asked about the suggestions for his app…but he got offended…I still do not know why??..So i have learnt that time just provide them what they want and move on!!

I’ve written something positive about guns for @fastcopywriter 's blog :slight_smile: Something like why more Indians should take up guns :slight_smile:

The first thing an authoritarian government does is to deny its people the right to bear arms. Even Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence, fought for the right of Indians to own weapons.

I have never had a weapon in my life (well, except the knives in the kitchen, but I only use them for preparing the ingredients before I cook and they stay in the kitchen) and I have travelled to many countries and have been always safe and sound (except when I got sick or when I got an accident on the road - but this has got nothing to do with having or not having a weapon) even without a weapon. I can´t even do martial arts. I try to be kind whenever possible but I am always vigilant.

hahahahahaha: “a minion holding my banner” - this sentence cracked me up. thank you @taverr :slight_smile:

I had a mate who wanted me to give him forged passports sites for 100 dollars. I just got some help from google and asked for his mail address, sent it to him and got 80 bucks within 10 minutes…Just to whatever if the price is right, and be sure to leave no evidence…XD

I even don’t have any banner. LoL.

Did you meant you contacted a buyer outside of fiverr?

Please read Fiverr ToS.

Yes, I’ve had a couple of people ask me to add popular music tracks to videos. I always say no as basically, they are asking me to commit copyright fraud. I also steer clear of any pharmaceutical related work, as I find it insane how supposed medicine needs a sales copy.

I probably wouldn’t have a problem with guns, though. - If I was in the US, I’d probably carry one just in case I ever ran into a trigger happy cop. However, my personal weapon of choice would be a crossbow. I used to go hunting with a crossbow in NZ and it was great fun. I never killed anything. I just used to hang old t-shirts on trees and use them for target practice while my friends went after unicorns.

(We did have a unicorn. It was a Chamois antelope thing with a deformity which meant it only grew one horn. We never caught it though).

In fact, on the gun business, a lot of my friends in NZ had guns and there was never any trouble where I lived despite there being no police. In my opinion, a hunting gun culture is fine where you have a rifle or shotgun in a cabinet ready for a break in or a hunting session. However, I was disturbed by the fact that my American friend who I stayed with for a while slept next to a gun and seemed to have feelings for it in the same way kids fall in love with flashy toys and fancy gadgets.

maybe the minion could hold your cell phone up to your ear while you’re typing. Minions can be very helpful :wink:

Been in the same situation more times than i can count, though in my case clients often want me to draw and sometimes even directly use copyrighted or trademarked materials.

I just let them know purchasing a licence from the copyright holder might not be possible and if it is its usually really expensive and thus i cant do the work.