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When to message back?

Someone sent me a message saying they would request a Gig in a few days. I think they were serious, but I don’t want them to forget because I need more customers! So should I message back, and if so, when?

I always reply back to messages as soon as possible. That’s how they calculate your average response time listed on your gigs.

I do, too (what @typingservice said). But after that I don’t send more messages; I think that seems annoying. You’ll find that only some of the people who message you will actually place orders, so don’t drive yourself crazy wondering why they didn’t come back…there are many reasons, including the possibility that it’s a competitor, or they really haven’t decided on anything for sure, or they’re evaluating how well they can communicate with you.

Reply to @celticmoon: She is a top seller, but we do different things. She said she would after giving me a pdf to a book about how to make a living on fiverr. She wanted a story for her kids, and said she’d give me an order in a few days. I just don’t want to push it and make her not want to work with me because I am pushy, but I really want that sale! lol

That’s perfectly understandable! As a suggestion, then, you could message her and say you have some fun ideas for the story, and what kinds of (animals/games/activities) do her kids enjoy, because you’d like to incorporate some into the story~ :wink:

Reply to @celticmoon: That’s clever and sneaky, I like it! Thanks, I’ll go do that!

Best Wishes


Hopefully not TOO sneaky! ~lol~ But it lets her know you’ve started thinking about the project, which is, in a way, WORKING on it, while reminding her that she contacted you, and that you’re a dedicated Fiverr~ It still doesn’t guarantee an order, but at least you’ll know you made a good effort.

Good luck~!

Honestly, I have had buyers say that they would order from me the next day or in a few days and I wait a week, ask them and they don’t respond. I wait a month, inquire again, no response. Then out of nowhere they end up ordering and other times they just seemed to have completely abandoned the cause. I am waiting back on someone that said they would order from me on I believe it was Saturday. Still waiting, but I am hopeful they will come back. Just a matter of when. One of the most humorous of clients I have had got back to a message I sent in 2011 about a month ago like I just sent it or something. I had no idea what he was talking about…

Reply to @freelancemm: Lol, hopefully she’ll hit me up tomorrow. I find the time zones on here really trippy. I live in America and my main client lives in a time zone that makes his time 7 hours ahead. I am a night owl anyway, so sometimes I stay up till midnight and he’s probably at work sipping a cup of Joe. Kinda not relevant, but you mentioned something humorous, I found that funny.

Reply to @bigmish: Ha, all good. Yeah, when it comes to Fiverr and it being an international company, you have to deal with that quite often. It’s not so bad if the buyer actually provides the information you need to complete the order. Most of the time I don’t even really notice the different timezones too much.

Update: I took the advice and sent a cleverly worded message, and it worked! I got a reply today, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Yay…chalk one up for the good guys~! =D>

I actually just recently messaged all inquiry’s I have had in the last 3 months back, due to me changing and updating my gigs. I have yet to see any success from any of these messages but I have gotten some happy responses.